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#1 2022-05-29 03:04:17


The Laziest Crew In Existence

hi are you looking for a crew that never meets together and never talks to each other and has a leader so lazy that applications aren't even done?

if you want to apply, all you do is need to exist. By existing you will fulfill the requirements for The Laziest Crew In Existence, by doing nothing, and by doing nothing, you will fulfill the requirement.

In fact, replying to this thread, or wooting this thread will be considered not lazy, and the fact you went through the effort of doing that means you will immediately be disqualified from the crew.

But wait, there's more. If your profile has at least 1 post or topic created, that means you're not lazy either. That also means you're disqualified. That also means I'm disqualified.

Additionally, you must not have launched EE by having created a profile at all. If you created an EE profile you are no longer qualified for this crew. If you have created a profile on the forums you are also immediately disqualified.

Therefore, The Laziest Crew In Existence currently has 0 members. No player that knows about the forums, or Everybody Edits, qualifies for this crew.

Therefore I nominate this crew as the most exclusive and prestigious crew in EE.

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#2 2022-05-29 03:22:15

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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence

Wow, that's even lazier than The Builders That Don't Do Anything.


#3 2022-05-29 04:53:30

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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence


One bot to rule them all, one bot to find them. One bot to bring them all... and with this cliché blind them.


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#4 2022-05-29 05:04:21

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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence

Tomahawk wrote:


No, HG is too busy building towers.


#5 2022-05-29 05:37:45

Formerly HG
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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence


Crew for people who lay on bed all day long every day


#6 2022-05-29 07:25:45

Formerly Koya556
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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence

°. Can I join? //

Yan Joshua knows as Nightmore, 7kudmath, Ygor Matheus, Kogor, Koya and RQ aka ~
I'm a professional artist, talented in various art forms, and also a programmer.
I had been playing Everybody Edits for four years ago. ~
Learning English and Japanese, Portugal ~
Native Portuguese speaker, fluent ~
20 years old, April 5, 2003. ~
He/Him ~

Contact information:
Discord: Kenny 💀#0578
In-game: 7KUDMATH
Xbox: YanJoshuaRQ
Steam: YanJoshuaRQ


#7 2022-06-02 19:51:51

Formerly Memomemo
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Re: The Laziest Crew In Existence

who the hell are yu

I can speak by breathing in but it sounds like a dying horse


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