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Cannot log in to my account in EEU

I've been away for a long time but always knew (or thought) I could come back to EEU because I was a BETA tester back in 2010s, but now that the way you log in has changed, I lost access to my account (that goes by the same name as my forum account)

Is there any way to solve this issue?

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Re: Cannot log in to my account in EEU

There was a period of time where players of Everybody Edits could press a button in the game and they'd be put into a list of Everybody Edits Universe beta players. I don't recall EEU's login method ever changing, unless you're talking about EE's transition to EEU.

That said, development for EEU is discontinued for a new EE. There aren't many people playing EEU, usually one or no other players when I check it out. If you still want an account for it, you'd need to talk to the staff about that.

Also, if you had a forum account from around 2014 or earlier, you can request a merge here.

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