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#1 2021-11-28 18:06:55

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I can't play this game

Hey, I wanna play but It isn't start. I don't know how can I start that. All I see is "Thank you for playing". BUT I CAN'T. Pls help me, I really wanna play. Thank you...


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Re: I can't play this game

Because Adobe Flash has ended support, the game cannot be played online anyore. You can click the EEOffline link to download an offline version of the game, which you can then use to import archived levels into it. You can also play the unofficial remake Everybody Edits Rewritten (or other remakes, but I think the rest are offline), or host a server yourself with Everybody Edits Emulator.

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Re: I can't play this game

it will be the end because everyone gives up the ee game

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