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Facebook loged accounts are all lost?

I used to play this game with my facebook account when I was around 8/9 and now I'm seventeen, as you can see it was a long time ago
today I came back to see how things are going and I see that I cant log to my account because I used facebook to log with it, but I'm sure that the account still exists becaus I can send a friend invite to it, is there any way I can recover my old good account? me and my best friend used to play together and now we want to play together again, but our accounts are logged with facebook  :/

btw my old account is called Luiza12345 (a silly name, I know)
I created a new one but I used to have a lot of thing in the old one, I had some worlds, I had a lot of blocks and the most important: It have a little of everything that I did in that game back in 2012

someone please help me with that, thanks!


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From: Shakuras
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Re: Facebook loged accounts are all lost?

You can contact xenonetix at [email protected] and ask about your account

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