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Xeno's True Colors, as seen by Grensnez

As Gren is banned from the forums, she has asked me to post this for her. I have not edited anything and these are her words:

<snip - see below>

~ Grensnez


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Re: Xeno's True Colors, as seen by Grensnez

I've snipped the post and locked this for a few reasons;

  • This is essentially Gren posting by proxy, which could be classed as ban evasion.

  • Gren's relationship with Xeno is very personal, as is the discussion in the original post, and it benefits nobody to publicise it. It doesn't tell us any shocking new truths about Xeno's temperament.

  • Gren's previous threads about her personal difficulties and connections to Xeno have been locked because these forums aren't the place for it. This topic is similarly none of our business, IMO.

The group of users who will react to the original post have likely already found out all about it through the EE Discord. Let's keep it there.

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