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#1 2019-11-04 19:57:22

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What made 1x1 hooks possible?

1x1 hooks in EE.
No 1x1 hooks in EEU.

The public needs answers.


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Re: What made 1x1 hooks possible?

**** physics and **** auto align
EDIT: nevermind auto align is related to 1x1 hovers

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Re: What made 1x1 hooks possible?

tl;dr: it was an unintended consequence of allowing you to fall into one block gaps.

There's a problem with collision detection where if you have a gap with a width close enough to the width of an object, that object won't be able to fall into it. This is the reason why almost no games have a character with width exactly one block.

EE solved this with a bit of a hack. It only calculates collisions with the blocks in a 2x2 square around the position you'd end up after the end of a tick if you didn't collide with anything, which means that for a single frame you can actually go through the corner of a block as long as you do so in a single tick. Here's a diagram I made a while ago:

EEU however takes a pretty different approach, it keeps track of the direction you're trying to go when you're sliding against a block, and when you slide off the edge of a block it will prioritise this direction before the other if for example you're at the corner of a block. This leads to the same effect when it comes to sliding against a wall or the floor, but doesn't introduce the bug that allows you to jump through the corner of a block.

Edit: Here's a diagram of what EEU does:
(you can imagine that it's checking every block for collisions, although it omits some that don't make any difference for efficiency reasons)


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Re: What made 1x1 hooks possible?



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Re: What made 1x1 hooks possible?

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