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#1 2019-07-11 00:06:09

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invite command, and failed go into world notification

firstly i want to describe the world notification
- if someone wants to go into our world, and we block orhers (or non friends) to go into our world, system would notify us that PLAYERNICKNAME wanted to go into this world
- it would be quite annoying if random people would want to go into our world, so maybe system would notify us only for friends
- now imagine this situarion:
player1 have player2 as friend
player2 is world owner
player2 set the world to friend only
player3 is friend of player1
player3 wants to go into player2 world
player1 would be notified that player3 wants to play in this world, player2 would not (if there would be friend only notification), (if not player1 would be notified that friend wants to play, and player2, that random person wants to play)
- idk if non owner and non friends would see the notifications is good idea

now about invite command:
imagine that player1 got notification about player3 appearance, and player2 unblocked the access to the world
player1 would send the /invite command to the friend
player3 would get window notification in the lobby or system notification in other world
if player3 is offline, player1 would get notification that player3 is currently offline (was x minutes ago online)

that's my idea about invitation

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#2 2019-07-11 00:17:45

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Re: invite command, and failed go into world notification

For more specific suggestions that are probably easier to understand, as well as my own additions:
When someone fails to enter a world, currently only the world owner sees the message. It would be better if all friends of the person who attempted to join, as well as all crew members with the ability to change the setting.
There should also be a /invite command so that friends can invite their friends into a world (such as if the rights of who can join were changed, or if you're going to a world you want to show a friend). Crew members with world options rights (including the world owner) should be able to invite any friend or anyone who attempted to join recently, and would negate the settings of who's allowed to join (so you can let people join a crew-only world).

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