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#1 2019-05-13 23:25:58

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Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

Since Flash is being deprecated in 2020, what plans do staff have for migration? Will EEU be HTML5?


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#2 2019-05-13 23:28:13

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Re: Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

The whole point of making a new game was because Flash is shutting down, so the staff wanted to make a new game independent and unreliant on Flash. And according to my knowledge, which may be wrong, they're creating their own system for it.

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Re: Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

I'm fairly sure there was a topic explaining the more technical side of what EEU will be, but I can't seem to find it at the moment, so I guess I'll go through it again here:

EEU will still be a predominantly web-based game like EE is, but we will be moving to HTML5 (written using TypeScript) instead of Flash, which has much better support, performance, and security, and has a very solid place in how the web works so it hopefully won't be going the way of Flash any time soon. It will also be a full redesign from the ground up with expandability in mind this time so that hopefully we won't have any of the problems we've had with EE getting progressively more messy and difficult to manage and update, which should mean we can focus more of our time on what matters.

This will also mean that we should be able to release a downloadable client that would either use something like Electron or Desktop PWA technologies to allow you to run it as a normal program similar to Discord / Twitter / etc, and possibly even a phone app or Steam game (although this is far from certain).

We will also be moving away from PlayerIO for the hosting, we'll be designing our own servers and multiplayer API which will hopefully give us a lot more control over how things are handled, and let us bypass a lot of the limits PlayerIO imposed (such as the 500KB database limit which caused many worlds / profiles to fail to save). The servers will be using .NET Core, and we plan to release botting libraries for at least TypeScript/JavaScript and .NET Standard (which supports C#, VB, and F# through both .NET Framework (the old one) and .NET Core (the new cross-platform one)) once we're in a good place with EEU.


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#4 2019-05-14 06:42:11

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Re: Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

alos th ereason theyre moving to EEU is EE code is spaghetti and a big mess creatign a new game allows the staff to create tehier own new code and allows them to remove a bunch of ussseless/less used/ugly blocks which they now cant because of breakign worlds and finaly as lukem mentioned NO MORE WORLD SAVE LIMIT // (or atleats a hihg one)


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#5 2019-05-14 11:46:55

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Re: Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

EEU will use Batman.


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Re: Will EEU still be Flash or some other technology?

Raphe9000 wrote:

EEU will use Batman.

infinity war spoiler

how do you use a dead program to make something


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