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#1 2019-05-04 06:47:52


Let's sum up

In the forums:

Outside of the forums (Warning! if you see Luka's name you might don't want to open the spoiler
Norwegian outside of the forums, might don't want to open.

This is not funny. And...

Really, I don't care if these stupid, edgy, dump people will continue. Just one question:

Do you have hobbies? Do you have life? Because looks like I'm the meaning of your life //


Do you know why wars still exist? Why don't we live in peace and freedom for everyone? It's in the human. He likes killing/here: bullying, pretending he's cool. But point is, even smarter people like Different55, Onjit, HG, ... they will ignore you, because they are more smarter than you. Did you see Different55 bullying someone? He is the only reason why I keep staying here. Without him here, this forum would go into a trashy, unmoderated, me-hating trash-forums.

That's why I think we should all be happy with our current forum staff, they moderation of our trashy-posts (how Luka calls them) makes the forums balanced into the great area. Diff is the stable fundament of the forums. Without him, we would all already have left.


Back to the bullies:

Atilla, Luka504, TaskManager, Kkay, ...: Hello? I'm 16 here and thinking why the f*** I was born. Can you stop? I mean, not "can you", obviously you can't. May you stop? It's in your abilities (I hope) to shut up and have your own life. But from what I've seen, if you're indeed older than me, than you're behaviour makes you as old as me.


My jokes weren't funny because they were posted by me. I bet if someone else posted those for me, he would be liked instantly.

And guess what - I asked in the past someone to make that. And as expected - his woot counter exploded to 20. It's no longer my fault that you're being noobs. It's indeed your fault for being so ugly.


Topic will be closed, don't open new topics, if you have anything to say there's a PM button next to my avatar, you might want to click it. I will report anything uncensored.

#2 2019-05-04 12:57:47

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Re: Let's sum up

Friendly reminder that harassment contravenes Rule 1 of these forums - Be nice. - and repeated harassment of the same user will result in harsher countermeasures.

i.e. Diff gonna wreck you.

One bot to rule them all, one bot to find them. One bot to bring them all... and with this cliché blind them.


Wooted by: (3)

#3 2019-05-12 07:33:03, last edited by Anatoly (2019-05-12 07:34:23)


Re: Let's sum up

Of all people on the forums, repeatedly dumb are only some.

Instead of discussing anything at all, they have only one topic in their had - how to disrespect me.

Hidden text

I will not shut up, I will speak, as my trust in my self only grows with every time you talk. I became stronger, thank you.

Just look, he doesn't ignore and respect the right of RailMat to give me the graveyard.

Yes, I pointed RMat some mistakes, he'd done. He said "stop **** on the guy".

Now he does it himself. I find it funny.

"Anatoly don't point RailMat his mistakes, I want to do it on my own"

Luka PMed me, and I accept this as a sign of willing to (not become friends, atleast) not become enemies.

TaskManager didn't.

I was always with the feeling here that everyone hates me and the community is garbage.

It's not! There are only 1-2 people, who post much, and do hate me. But the community, doesn't!

Thank you, everyone, who helped me out of this situation!

#4 2019-05-12 07:47:51


Re: Let's sum up

Please report me anything that's going on about me outside of sources where I am talked about. I AM VERY THANKFUL
Onjit wrote:

You are the victim of a forum-wide conspiracy to make Anatoly look bad! We secretly plot in another forum exactly how to make you upset! We are the monsters, and YOU are the hero!

Because apparently that's a problem. Not with everyone, but some of them may talk worsely...

#5 2019-05-12 08:00:02


Re: Let's sum up

Forget it. I have enough of this community.


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