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#1 2019-04-26 15:10:40

From: Heart Locket
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Invictus WIP (Demo)

This world is far from done,
  -There's poor tile filling that's not done yet
  -Some Frames don't do damage yet
  -No HP Detection in battle yet (Except in Menu)
  -Only Up to half progress of the world
  -Some Attacks are malfunction especially the orange and blue attacks

  +The Hit Point System is Complete along with the healing system and damage system
  +World is currently invisible to the lobby
  +The World is Similar to an Undertale Fangame, which means this world has switch auto sensation

   Here's the World,
    ID: PWjh8ehV0HcUI

        So Currently, I need testers for this, and feedback would do great as well!
                            Enjoy!! (Please don't show this level to the others)

I first came in somewhere in February 2012



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