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#1 2019-02-02 21:47:19

Formerly Arizona0117
From: europe
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why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned

this is serious question i waNT TO know

I fricking hate Stuart Little. I know what you’re thinking, this is some kind of funny joke, but no. Stuart Little is a piece of crap. A damn rat got picked over actual children at an orphanage and he’s supposed to be a hero? And I can’t even tell you how many damn times I’ve seen a great parking space only to turn the corner and realise Stuart Little is already parked there in his stupid little fricking convertible. He took my wife and the kids and my house and my job. I swear to fricking god, I’m going to kill myself and take that goddarn rodent to heck with me. Stuart Little has ruined my family. Last summer, I approached the miserable mouse in the street, and asked him for his autograph, because my son is a huge fan. The fricking rat gave me the autograph and told me to burn in heck. Later, when I gave my son the autograph he started crying and said he hated me. Turns out the mousefricker didnt write his autograph, no, he wrote “you’re a piece of crap, and i fricked your mom”. I’m now divorced, and planning a huge class-action lawsuit against the white devil that ruined my life. Your time is almost over, Stuart. All the people you’ve wronged will rise against you.


#2 2019-02-02 21:55:02

Moderation Team
From: Shakuras
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Re: why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned

Upon request iirc

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#3 2019-02-02 21:58:08

From: USA
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Re: why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned



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#4 2019-02-02 21:59:09, last edited by peace (2019-02-02 22:00:00)

From: admin land
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Re: why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned

Surrealism wrote:

this is serious question i waNT TO know

he broke the forum rules. case closed.

EEDIT: wait perma ban on forums?!


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


#5 2019-02-02 22:06:50

Formerly maxi123
From: i really should update this
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Re: why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned

is he
why did he request it tho

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#6 2019-02-02 23:14:01

From: Norway
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Re: why is COMEDIC GENUIS, God (pingohits) permabanned

Maybe it’s his final act of comedic genius.


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