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Hunt inventory slots error

(animal antics, tier 5)

At some point I crafted something and the inventory slots for "crafted items" bugged out and i had 0 total crafted items when it should be 2.

I had an empty bag, crafted a plank of wood, then crafted a shovel. I did this again and i still had 0 (while having 2 planks and 2 shovels).

this cost me like 45 seconds in my speedrun; that's enough time for me to get a platinum instead of a gold maybe probably not actually the gap is massive

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#2 2019-01-29 20:16:15

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Re: Hunt inventory slots error

its alos kinda annoying it ha sonly 1 sonte and iron but infinte woods and wwes over the map


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell



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