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#1 2018-12-12 17:27:09

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[IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

The IF Tag

If a condition specified later is true, then the content of the IF will be specified. It can be used for automatic topic content and for collecting topics or games like mafia - timers, who did posted already, etc.

[IF=...] ... [/IF]
  • a & b

    • Bool: The AND operator - if a and b are both true, returns true.

  • a | b

    • Bool: The OR operator - if a or b is true, returns true.

  • !b

    • Bool: Returns the opposite value of b

  • a + b

    • Numeric: Returns the sum of a and b.

  • a - b

    • Numeric: Returns the difference of a and b.

  • a * b

    • Numeric: Returns the product of a and b.

  • a / b

    • Numeric: Returns the quotient of a and b.

  • a ^ b

    • Numeric: Returns a to the power of b.


    • Bool: Has the user posted in topic

  • TIME()

    • Numeric: Returns current server timestamp

  • USER_POST_COUNT(username)

    • Numeric: Returns the post amount of the user

  • etc.

The HTML Tag

The HTML tag CAN be abused, and I agree why our single staff member denied it. What about adding trusted members group? VERY USEFUL for beautification of the topic, including table-forms, etc. With this trusted members can preview their scripts in the ForumD, giving Diff an easier way to see the good stuff and using it.



Not just a tag. It redirects to worlds, crews, etc of EE. When holding over the link, a popup appears, which acts like a window, while mouse is over it it won't disappear. For example for worlds, you then get a world preview, contains 3 buttons: Minimal, Beta, Classic, the crew popup can show how much users subscribed, etc.


Speaks for itself. People said I should use images, but it doesn't work well, if people want to copy the content - but it's not something you can copy, it's something you can only see. -  also the width of the screen cannot be always the width of the picture. - The font of the image isn't always the forum font.

  [ROW= max height (in pixels)]
    [COLUMN=width (in percent)]
    [COLUMN= ...]



#2 2018-12-12 17:50:55

Formerly maxi123
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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

whats the point of this

Anatoly wrote:

The HTML tag CAN be abused, and I agree why our single staff member denied it. What about adding trusted members group?

not going to happen

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#3 2018-12-12 18:06:45

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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

yeah, why?
It's a bad idea even for forums dedicated for programming.


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#4 2018-12-12 18:19:56

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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

If understand=false show explaination=false.
In other words what is this and why do we need it?

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#5 2018-12-13 07:50:50

From: admin land
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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

what does the html tag do

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#6 2018-12-13 10:04:43

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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

Don't forget to send Diff $1000 on PayPal so that he can spend the next month of his life doing this.


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#7 2018-12-13 15:26:56

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Re: [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags

how dare you forgot the [MARQUEE] tag?
[MARQUEE] is the best for animating your text

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