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#26 2018-11-23 19:38:37

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Re: Manipulate the story [Round 2]

the cops are clearly sure patric is inthe house yet patric  was smart enough to take the shovel with him in his hole where he burried him self an dwhile the coops keep looking for secret rooms and or clues in his house on where he would teleport to if he could patrick lays theere wihtout making any noise he only feels a bit unconfromtable as hee needs to pee he is smart enough to not pee in his pants as the cops could smell that he hears the cops saying STAY AOUND THE HOUSE AND DONT LET HOIIM ESCAPE! so he just lays there waiting and waiting until he get shungry *3 days later* he still lays there havent eaten yet and his pant are way too wet for the amount of pee he peed nto only that he smells his own pee an dits dirty the cops start to dig around his house to find secret rooms but theey come too late has patrick starved to death


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#27 2018-11-24 00:19:51

From: Everybody Edits
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Re: Manipulate the story [Round 2]

unfortunatley he drowns

aww im not birthday anymore


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