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#1 2018-11-01 12:23:08

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xRPG Simulatorx DEMO

xRPG Simulatorx




  • "Would you like to be a famous and strong Hero?"

  • "Would you like to be a part of a long journey?"

  • "Then, this is your place." //


"~This is the begin of a new tale and a birth of a new hero~"


  • Try to accept more and more quests and buy better and better items in the Shop.

  • Enjoy the main story line and other interesting stories around the Kingdom.

  • Solve the harder & harder, other & other puzzles

Try to visit the most famous and misterious areas:

  • Try to fly in the sky with your wings and find the Wind Tribe's Village above the clouds

  • Dive down and discover the home of the Sea Tribe, The Stardust Kingdom in the deep of the ocean

  • Uncover the capital of the Ancient Civilisation, The Land of the Tempest Tribe somewhere in the Golden Desert

  • Visit the Northernmost area of the Kingdom, The Home of the Blizzard Tribe

  • Finally, when you are enough strong, visit the Land of the Demon Realm, find the Demon King's Castle and try to beat the Demon King.


And you could find more and more areas what you could visit //


The system is big and complex, so because of this maybe I missed portals or switches.

If you find any problem, please tell me.

Enjoy yourself


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#2 2019-01-18 21:06:31

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Re: xRPG Simulatorx DEMO

Hello Dear Players!
I finally finished the 2nd Demo version of my xRpg Simulatorx project and i really proud of my "little" game.
I am happy because everyone could try and enjoy the gameplay very much.
I hope that you too. //



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