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#1 2018-08-10 02:39:36

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[Lazy Release] SwitchAsm

A C# tool to generate switch levels from text files. See a working demo of it on EE and the source code for it.

SwitchAsm as of it's current state is fairly immature, but just mature enough to technically work.

Small Tutorial


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#2 2018-08-10 16:29:21

From: Netherlands
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Re: [Lazy Release] SwitchAsm

The definition syntax (#{no space}<variable> <value>) could be improved on.
First off using a different symbol than a comment (An @ could work).
Another thing I would personally do (but there are opinions for and against it), is also introduce a colon to separate the variable name from value name.

So new syntax would become "@<name>:<value>" Or in regex (stripping away preceding and trailing white space): "@\s*(?<name>\S(\s*[^\s:])*)\s*:\s*(?<value>\S.*)"
                                                            ^ First colon found (so any 2nd+ colons are part of value)

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