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#1 2018-07-03 01:43:31

Formerly maxi123
From: i really should update this
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gravity effect bug

>be me
>grab no gravity effect
>have god
>enable god mode
>someone (optionally yourself) does /loadlevel
>disable god mode
>you fall on the ground as if you dont have zero gravity effect but in the top left corner it still says you do

heres a bunch of screenshots that totally gets the point across, poor cropping that hurts my ocd included:


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#2 2018-07-03 15:56:44

From: admin land
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Re: gravity effect bug

how we are sure you actualy falled? ok no jokes here this is pretty true

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#3 2018-07-07 15:20:50

From: World 4-2
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Re: gravity effect bug

This picture is aboout 3 months old
I got a curse but somehow didn't die. As you can see, there's 1/3 people (me) having curse but no death bar under it
It can happen with every effect

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#4 2018-07-10 16:39:20

Dev Team
From: England
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Re: gravity effect bug

If all goes well this should be fixed in the next update //

I've changed it so that the gravity effect is no longer removed after you /loadlevel if you are in god mode (this is how all of the other effects already act)



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