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#1 2018-07-03 10:30:41

Formerly ThuggishPrune
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Mods breaking EE rules AGAIN!

The EE Terms and Conditions states that the TaC "are rules and guidelines in place that everyone must follow." This includes the game staff because I SAID SO.

However, one of the moderators have clearly violated my opinion of the clause of "discriminates other people based on their religion, race, sex, opinions of 17th century poetry, political beliefs, age, age again, sexuality, or anything else."

Yesterday, I reported the user 'Beardlicker' for harassment due to my sexuality. The result? He wasn't PERMA'D ON THE SPOT.


Today, I opened up a level called "The Only Gay", and was PERMA'D ON THE SPOT. I'm not joking Xeno teleported behind me, said "Nothing personell kid" and then kneecapped me. He then teleported away and when he disappeared it made the coin sound.

I think we can all agree that this is only me breaking the rules disguising it as clear discrimination due to my massive inflated ego. An ON SPOT PERMA for simply sharing my beliefs vs not an ON SPOT PERMA for harassment is totally and completely lopsided. I demand that the moderator who so clearly broke the TaC be punished for this immediately by writing me a personalized letter saying sorry and doing a funny dance on stream for 12 hours for my own amusement.



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Re: Mods breaking EE rules AGAIN!

And I reported Myst because he's an atheist.

Edit: looks like he got banned
oh wait.....  I AM THE ATHEIST.

#3 2018-07-03 11:47:01

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Re: Mods breaking EE rules AGAIN!

Myst wrote:

And I reported Myst because he's an atheist.

Edit: looks like he got banned
oh wait.....  I AM THE ATHEIST.

That's neat, we should make an atheist club where all the cool atheists go.


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#4 2018-07-03 13:31:23

From: root
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Re: Mods breaking EE rules AGAIN!

Enurp wrote:

opinions of 17th century poetry

True poetry is the 19th century poetry. Fight me!

Everybody edits, but some edit more than others


#5 2018-07-03 14:22:06

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Re: Mods breaking EE rules AGAIN!

we don't need more of this, thanks



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