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#1 2018-06-13 06:23:53

Formerly ThuggishPrune
From: Ohio
Joined: 2015-06-20
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I think it's time we had a talk.

This community is hosting... some not so great people. I'm not saying the people who call you dumb, or the people who insult you. I'm talking about the people who literally tell people that their way of life is wrong, or people who agree with some not-so-moral things.

This is a game for younger audience however it obviously has an older audience, but there are still youngins around.

I just want to say this type of stuff just doesn't belong. This is a game made for fun. Not serious topics like we've been seeing.

You aren't a bad person for what you believe, you aren't a good person for what you believe. But sometimes what you believe just doesn't need to be around impressionable kids. I'm not talking about inappropriate messages. I'm talking about cramming an opinion into somewhere where is doesn't need to belong. I refuse to name names, but it's been several users across many topics. One of those topics I will name, has been pedophilia.

Stop. That topic doesn't belong around underage users. We've had pedophiles on this site before, and they aren't fun to be around especially with underage users around. Kids are impressionable and this isn't okay. If you are attracted to underage kids, Please seek help.

However, I won't go any deeper into more issues but pedophilia is the most extreme issue currently.
Please. This is a game meant for fun. Not your beliefs or political standings or anything serious.
To anyone currently on the fence about anything they believe or just dealing with conflict inside yourself due to others ingame or even irl:

You aren't a bad person for what you believe, you aren't a good person for what you believe. The only thing that matters in your life is how you affect others and how you make the world a better than when you arrived here. Don't hurt others, don't force anything onto others. There's no direct line between "good" or "bad".

You're okay to be you. Don't make others be like you though.


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#2 2018-06-13 14:42:00

From: wait I'm not a secret mod huh
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Re: I think it's time we had a talk.

so hey, I think the whole topic you're alluding to is still being mulled over, so rehashing it here isn't exactly conducive to that effort

so A) this is forum discussion and B) I'll go ahead and lock this


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