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#26 2017-09-26 06:18:55

From: newzealand
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Re: September 2017 Update!

Mega Lamb wrote:
Kira wrote: … bzcZ3w.png
Make sure to properly test levels before adding them to campaigns

1. Issue fixed, although still relatively unsure how you made it there in the first place.
2. We test the levels extensively, and spend many hours doing so, but some stuff is always going to slip through the cracks, as we can't imitate thousands of people playing through the levels on thousands of different types of computers. As Everybody Edits has numerous lag-related problems (which we are working on trying to improve), and the levels of lag experienced by so many different people vary so highly, it means we cannot realistically replicate the conditions with the tools we have at our disposal.

soniiiety wrote:

yeah people are meant to test the levels they don't bother they think that they will win or don't care if its impossible like master 1 when i tried to do gravital towers it has a bug you cant get passed the second part when your just over teleport ramp thingy plus smittyw world wont be playable because he did not let me join him team and he is a lier plus he said thanks for the help on the sign at the start and theirs no mention of me except in the title and it says on the sign 21twevle  it ws only him and smittyw that did that plus he told me he was sorry that i didnt get to do the compestion

1. All the levels go through extensive testing by multiple people. In the case of this campaign, I completed every level in this campaign personally multiple times, so I can verify that all of them are possible to complete, regardless of the bugs where you get "trapped". We're trying to fix the bugs found as time goes on.
2. Updated the names - Thanks //

also don't you think he some kind of punish ment or something because hes trying to become famous or something idk why he lied or anything but i think you should do something about it its not fair really i hardly have online friends and im lonly and bored have no one to build with plus we could of made something way better and amazing



#27 2017-09-26 09:11:24

From: LebanOff
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Re: September 2017 Update!

The last 2 levels from the campaign is 10/10.


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