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#126 Before February 2015


Re: Predict The Halloween contest winners

D-rock2308 wrote:
klmaster wrote:
D-rock2308 wrote:
klmaster wrote:

ah I was looking for that // I couldn't remember the name though.
Slightly changed list:
1st - M.M.B.A (amazing fun level)
1st - Cry kid cry (self promotion ftw)
1st - Cod-stormers (best level I think)
1st - Carvers of victory (It was a toss up with scar, but I like this better)
2nd - Scar (pretty freaking epic)
2nd - Bro-co (amazing level!)
2nd - Mirage of colton (epic art, somewhat ok minis)
2nd - Unclear cause thingy (sense when did parody maps look so good?)
3rd - MGcrew (haha no.)
3rd - MXcrew (haha yeah.)
3rd - KLEcrew (nice art/minis.)
3rd - Team GD's (amazing level, if it had better minis it could get 2nd or 1st)
Okay there we go, and I put something in parenthesis on each one // (may be helpful, most likely not.)

Mirage of Colton wasnt even entered in the level first of all.... and 4 other ones are misplaced imo.

I do believe it's there, I underlined it for you //

No comment....

No comment....


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