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#1 2017-06-13 16:22:48

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Unlinking a world from a crew?

A while back, almost a year, I joined a crew and linked my world to it. Later, they kicked me for no reason and my world is still linked to this crew. How do I remove it, and link my own crew to it?

This is the "link" of the world in question: PWADg2jvuBa0I


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Re: Unlinking a world from a crew?

Every single person on the forums wrote:

You put the world in the crew you should have thought it through they even gave you a warning that you cant remove worlds once they are in a crew

There is no way to take your world back from a crew.
Hopefully in one of the next updates they add a Remove From Crew button, but until then that world is theirs now.

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