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#176 2015-09-21 03:39:37, last edited by sifter (2015-09-21 03:48:45)

From: Totally not Canada
Joined: 2015-02-19
Posts: 68

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Crew Name: SG crew (im recluiting in SG crew)
Leader: SIFTER
In-Game name: SIFTER
Current crew(s): SG crew (you can join, just go to … ?id=30046)
Specialities: Boss, parkour, art, host, tester, minis, do good games.
Time zone: -07:00 GMT
Notable lvls: Games on/off/soon, deathrun 0.9.1, 9-in-1games on/off/soon/wait/break.
Other: Im avaible all the weekends please contact me friday-sunday no else.

Thanks for attention.

EE is dead, and I just DEAL WITH IT

?type=online&name=sifter   ?type=energy&name=sifter   ?type=loginstreak&name=sifter   ?type=lastlogin&name=sifter


#177 2015-10-26 04:08:05

Joined: 2015-10-18
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Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Crew name : The Time Travellers Squad
( … rs%20Squad )

Specialties : Parkour
Time Zone : Diverse
Notable levels : None
Other : Leader very active !


Features :

Compete with other players and gain Ranks !
Build Crew Levels Together !
Make new friends !

Rules :

Start at Guest with 0 privileges.
Subscribe to NEWS Feed.
Active twice a week.

No swearing.
Contribute Energy.

Current members : 5


Seeking :

- Players interested in Parkour.

- Players that are good Builders.

- Players to Fill Positions as : Moderator, Presenter/Group Leader, Project Coordinator (Crew Worlds)


Democratic Clan System :

- Players can vote on who enters the clan.

- All important announcements go through our NEWS FEED.

- Additional rules can be voted or removed. Politics !


Rank Explanation :

Skill is the amount of knowledge + talent you have on parkour. Parkour is all the challenges you can find in every Everybody Edits Worlds.

Builder is the the knowledge + talent you have on building great worlds. Rewards and complex clan system for builders in planning.

Everyone starts at Basic. The maximum rank you can get is Extreme.

Depending on the ranks you get, you will receive different titles and different privileges.


Questions :

Do the crew titles branch for parkour and builders ?

Building a level is harder. The highest privilege you can get is building Crew Worlds.

The crew titles do not branch.

What are the pre-requisites to enter ?

Complete the Basic Campaigns (Tutorials and Ancient Runes).

Why am I a guest ?

Guests are crew members with no privileges. They are free to participate in the crew.

To become a full member, you need to complete any Easy Campaign as Adventure League or higher.
Full members commit to the clan. They accept the rules. They are sure they would like to stay in clan.

How do I invite my friends ?

Invite rights are only given to certain people. You can message me and I will add your friends as guests if they meet the requirements.

Guests become members after a few days.

What activities does the clan partake ?

You can always organize a party to beat a world together or do some building.

Any extra information ?

Subscribing to NEWS is mandatory. I would like some participation if I organize some contest inside the Crew.

You can always PM for information, request or anything. My in-game name is : Spaceprobe.

Note :

I will use a permanent thread to keep up with events.
Crew only worlds may be made.


Motto :

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.”
― Abraham Lincoln


#178 2015-10-26 13:50:20

From: EE Universe
Joined: 2015-02-20
Posts: 2,002

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Looking for a simple crew? Then i'm suggesting you to join The Band Leaders! (TBL for short)

Click here for more info.

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#179 2015-10-26 20:58:11, last edited by Pingohits (2015-10-26 20:58:52)

From: aids lizard
Joined: 2015-02-15
Posts: 7,591

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

you can't join this crew, but it is an extremely good decision to subscribe

Just click this link, click the green button in the top left corner, and be on your merry way!

It is also recommended to like and favorite all of our worlds, so when you're feeling kinky, you can just go into your favorites and have fun-time playing Church of Egg levels //

More links:



#180 2016-06-02 13:19:42

Joined: 2016-06-02
Posts: 1

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Desired crew: anything
In-Game Name: dylantherabbit
Current crew: nope.
Specialities: making counters for likes/fav/plays, makin' minis (art is not my strongsuit)
Timezone: CDT (-5)
Activity: Most days, anywhere from 1 to 6 hours a day.
Other: I'm a numbers guy.


#181 2016-12-29 03:21:37

Joined: 2016-12-29
Posts: 8

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Desired crew: I am the one and only one
In-Game Name: Amy112
Current crew: --
Specialities: Pixel arts (Pokemon)
Timezone:West coast?
Notable levels: --
Activity: Plays 2-3 times a day. School day : after school 16:30


#182 2016-12-29 03:26:54

Joined: 2016-12-29
Posts: 8

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

Desired crew: I am the one and only one
In-Game Name: Amy112
Current crew: --
Specialities: Pixel arts (Pokemon)
Timezone:West coast?
Notable levels: --
Activity: Plays 2-3 times a day. School day : after school 16:30


#183 2017-05-17 16:28:32

Joined: 2015-02-25
Posts: 39

Re: Central Recruitment Topic

The RDASH FAN CLUB crew is recruiting!!!

Check out our recruitment post here and our in-game crew page here.

There is NO requirement to join. Bad at minis? Join rdash fan club! Bad at art? Join rdash fan club!
In fact, the worse you are at art, the better!

Hurry before it's too late!




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