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Answering some FAQs/Statements from this week

This weekend has been very eventful, eh?

I've spent quite a bit of time in game this week, and have been asked a lot of questions. Most of them were along the lines of "Can I have gems". The answer is no. You cannot have any **** gems. Anyway, I decided to reply to a few of the very common questions, so hopefully they quit being asked as much.

Are you part of the staff again? / Will you be joining the staff?
I am not a part of the staff anymore. I haven't been for a year.

I haven't been asked to rejoin the staff, and I don't expect I ever will be. If I was asked, I don't think I would accept. I've tried my hand at being a moderator. I learned a lot, and I'm sure I would do better than before. But, I think there are others that are better fit for the position.

However, I would be willing to help with the website and social media pages, and hold a non-moderator role.

It's your fault Nou is leaving!
I guess. I'm not the only one who had a problem with the way things were being run. I wasn't after Nou being completely removed from the staff, but I'm not against him quitting. He hardly has time to do anything now. Just because his role changes, does not mean he suddenly gets loads of free time to dedicate to Everybody Edits.

It's unfortunate that things had to come to an end like this. Everyone involved looks bad. But I'm glad to see something is happening. Let's just hope that it's a good something.

There isn't an extreme hatred for Nou, and there's no reason he should completely disappear. He will forever have influence within the game, and could continue to hold an active role within the community.

Why do you hate the staff so much? / You're only mad because they fired/banned you.
I don't hate any of them. For the most part, they're all fine. I don't like the way some of them do things. I think that's pretty common when you work with a group of people, and you all are supposed to do the same job. There will often be conflicting views.

I don't have a vendetta against Nou, or any of the others. I don't like the way everything played out, and I wish it had been done with a little more mercy and "professionalism". But it is what it is, and I completely understand why it happened the way it did.


Nothing you say matters, because [insert unrelated event from when I was a staff member]

I think everyone should be held accountable for their actions. However, I do not think everyone should dwell on the past and prevent people from moving forward. I **** up a lot as a guardian/administrator/moderator (I'm the only person to have held all three positions). But I don't know if that's a reason to completely dismiss everything I say. Especially since I've been removed from the staff for over a year.

At first I brushed it off, because I expected it to happen. But now, I get a little annoyed by it. Mostly because the events mentioned have absolutely nothing to do with what I'm saying.

I think people tend to forget that they are far from perfect themselves. At someone point, everyone has done something wrong/stupid. And we regret it.

What do you think the staff should do now?
There's a lot I think they should do. But the only thing that isn't blatantly obvious, is modifying positions.

The staff roles are a mess.

Developers - develop the game but are not public figures. Except for the blue name, the special aura, and ability to ban people.
Moderators - Moderate the game, except for the few that help develop the game (Not excluded to just programming).
Administrators - Develop the game and act as public figures, except they never show up in public, and do no moderating.

The developer title should be scraped. If you don't want to be recognized by the community, don't join the staff. There's nothing wrong with the staff getting help from outside sources. This game grows on the ideas/creations of others.

The administrator/moderator titles need to be combined. Having two separate titles has led to inequality among the staff, moderators being lesser to admins.

A public relations role should be created. Their job would be to manage the website, answer emails, forward information to the correct people, release update notes, etc. They would not hold any power over the community. Their job would not be to moderate.




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