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#1 2016-11-05 01:15:19

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[Release] SeSet - The bot to automatically create switch resetters!

SeSet is an attempt at making a simple bot to automate the task of creating switch resetters.

I used pingohit's switch resetter as it's small, compact, extremely fast, and makes no time difference when used in a very big way.


It automatically creates portals, and can use global switches, gates or doors.

If you'd like to download, check out the github repository in the Web folder. There's a folder called "", where X-X-X being the current version.

The current version is 1.0.0, and it features the resetting ability, and also an automatic updater that only gets in your way when it's time to update. All versions will be stored in the github repository so you can always download an old version.

Here's an example using SeSet



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#2 2016-11-05 01:27:00

Vinyl Melody
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Re: [Release] SeSet - The bot to automatically create switch resetters!

Finally, a bot that can make me lazier.

Thanks to: Ernesdo (Current Avatar), Zoey2070 (Signature)

Very inactive, maybe in the future, idk.


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#3 2016-11-05 18:08:13

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Re: [Release] SeSet - The bot to automatically create switch resetters!

I would have 2 suggestions...

Multiple range insertion: Currently you can only go from x to y, but maybe I want a range like "[0-19], [24], [60-89]".

Generation area(s): Currently you start from x,y and just draw top down from there. What if I want a little box in the top left corner of my room? Or want a non-rectangular resetter (due to space limitations of the rest of the map)?
Suggestion on how to implement above: a list of x,y,dx,dy combinations. Then you basically calculate how much you can fit in each rect, and draw them dynamically. Obviously with multiple rects you can make more variable shapes, like corners, or a rectangular outline.


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