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#1 2016-10-27 08:52:10

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Zombie Apocalypse or School Project.

So recently i thought of building a world based on Gods Will Be Watching.

If you aren't familiar with that game and are too lazy to google it, it works like this.

Game Things

Now i plan on making this exact same mechanic, just differently.
Now i want you peeps to vote.
Should i make one where you are working on a school project during the night? In the last minute? The things you will need to balance are your actual work on the project, hunger, sleepiness, motivaton, anxiety and your parents checking up on you during the night.
Depending on how well you do on the project, you get a grade/mark with additional notes saying stuff like:
,, Slept during class,, - If Sleep Meter is Low
,, Didn't pay attention,, - If Motivation meter is Low
,, Kept asking if he can go to the bathroom,, - If hunger meter is too high (if you ate too much),,
,, Kept shaking for some reason,,  - If Anxiety is too high.

The other one i plan on making is Zombie Apocalypse. This one lasts a few days and you get a bunch of turns each day, and the goal being obvious: Survive
The stats you have to balance are hunger, ammo, tiredness, other survivors (Both Good or Bad), medical supplies and supplies (wood, bricks, metal etc).
At the final day most of the zombies are gone so you decide to walk to a heavily guarded aeroport that will take you to Germany where a cure is being made.
Depending on your final stats you might survive the walk there or a zombie might catch up to you beacuse you were too tired / too hungry / had nothing to defend yourself with / were injured.

Vote here:

How long will it take me to get banned again?
Place your bets right here.




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