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TBL Crew


Some of you may remember, I'm sure none of you remember. A long while ago, I made a post about my crew,
"The Band Leaders". After I added some people, we literally did nothing.
I didn't like that. So I disbanded it and I wanted to make a new one. Instead of being "The Band Leaders", I called it "TBL Crew". Well... moving on.

Adding Members

This time, i'm not gonna invite as much as people that I did previous time. I'm gonna have some of my friends in the crew,
but I will invite some other people because I don't have many friends who are constantly online.

Joining The Crew

Only a few people will join, because I don't need many. Requirements:

1. You are often online, at least once every 1-2 days.
(If you are offline for a week, you are out. Unless you contact me and say that you are gonna have to be offline for a week+)


Fill out this form, so I can pick a few members onto my crew;

IGN (In-Game Name):
What do you specify in? Mini Maker/Tester/Artist

k thats all for now



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Re: TBL Crew

Can you explain what your crew is about lol

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