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#201 2016-08-09 21:46:55

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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

I would be quite surprised if Diff wouldn't allow anyone who previously had over 50 posts but didn't merge count to post. It was less of an exception for Twipply than an exception for anyone in a special situation, which happened to only actually need to be applied for him.



#202 2016-08-09 22:26:39

Forum Mod
From: wait I'm not a secret mod huh
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Ratburntro44 wrote:

I would be quite surprised if Diff wouldn't allow anyone who previously had over 50 posts but didn't merge count to post. It was less of an exception for Twipply than an exception for anyone in a special situation, which happened to only actually need to be applied for him.

Yeah. I still think it's a bit odd he doesn't merge, (if that's truly the situation) but strictly speaking you're right, they're honorary posts, so-to-speak.

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#203 2016-08-10 00:24:53

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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Zoey2070 wrote:
Different55 wrote:

The votes weren't done in PM, I created a special page for the occasion. Source code is here for anyone interested

if ($pun_user['num_posts'] < 50 && $pun_user['username'] != 'Twipply') // VOTING RESULTS ARE SKEWED RIOT

why did you specifically allow twipply to vote despite him not having enough posts?

He has enough posts, I just couldn't find the script to merge those posts with his accounts so I added an exception instead.


#204 2016-08-10 00:27:39

Forum Admin
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

AlphaJon wrote:

According to the source code, trying to send a value other than demod or plsno results in a (perma?)ban. Because sending "eedrama" instead would have been a serious offense cm68

Yeah, permaban until you beg forgiveness in the IRC.

Ninja wrote:
Zoey2070 wrote:
Ninja wrote:

you already won the stupid poll stop dragging this out longer than it needs to be

just don't do any more stupid **** pls thxxxxxxxxx

once again you're not really addressing what i actually said... and as for dragging this out, really? really? we've spent two and a half weeks on this, but if i'm the one asking about things, suddenly it's being dragged out? you're looking at every action i do and arguing against it and it's actually impeding me doing, y'know, actual moderation work because it feels more like you're arguing against it because it's me rather than it being a bad decision.

i'm pointing out that it's a little sketchy for diff to singularly allow one person to vote.

why are you complaining you won already just lock this dumb topic

also twipply didn't even vote so it doesn't matter stop ty

I thought he voted but looks like Ninja's right, he never actually voted.


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#205 2016-08-10 00:57:22

The Party Animal
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

so basically zoey is not gonna be demodded wow well i should change my sig



#206 2016-08-10 00:59:39

From: My mom's insides
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded


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#207 2016-08-10 08:07:46

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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

I voted for the sticker.


Do you have what it takes to be a Feline in the Feline Crew? I don't think so nub. APPLY TODAY! (Note: We aren't furries)
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Just demod everyone, why the heck not


#208 2016-08-10 08:24:13

Formerly Remmoze
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Ninja wrote:
Gosha wrote:

Guys, what if it was a collusion? Ninja, zoey, diff and some other people conspired to make EEforums_Drama.proj

Just look. Before this topic there was 5.888.... Posts per hour:. Now there are  11.055555555556

coincidence? I do not think

wtf don't tell them you fool

I hinted about this in my meme post … 73#p616873

Lol, i am banned



#209 2016-08-10 09:05:50

Formerly Kaleb123
From: Cali Baby | 2017 popin
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Why is this topic still open?


#210 2016-08-10 10:34:41

Formerly goodsmile
From: Slovenia
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

I think it's bcuz Different is about to say his final decision today...


#211 2016-08-11 00:49:36

From: DMV
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Napakeun wrote:

I think it's bcuz Different is about to say his final decision today...

That's great, what this really needs is a final solution.



#212 2016-08-11 03:02:13

Joined: 2016-04-20
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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

I browsed the topic as well as everything else associated with this ordeal and I'm going to give an outside opinion about this briefly...

I thought de-modding moderators was up to the administration only, oftentimes because the public can be extremely bias and as seen here just causes a lot of unnecessary fighting. Could be totally wrong, but it seems to be the common practice.

Why would it be up to administration? It's written already in the thread a few times, people are wondering and claiming the vote is rigged either because of the amount of votes (possibly via alt) or because their side is on the short end of the percentages..

With that being said, why was a vote made in the first place? I know the vote is over already, but I might as well put this in as something to think about. To just make the situation get worse? I honestly don't see a single reason why this was a positive initiative (despite any of the two possible outcomes)

Personally I feel this is has been extremely dragged on purpose by people who want Zoey ousted. Of course I could be wrong, but from what I see this specific incident that eventually led to this occurred on ~21st July. Now it's 10th of August, which is around 3 weeks later, it's still going on! It's pretty absurd when I think about it.

BuzzerBee wrote:

Also I think the poll's a bit biased.

This ^^ . Buzzerbee says it all right in that link tbh.

Any poll over power given to the masses is going to always be bias in some sort. So I can't agree with you more in that point, and the linked topic is 100% accurate. I've seen so many wrong things happen in direct results of votes which in turn impact the community negatively.

I think it's safe to say Zoey did something wrong, but let's not forget this action was quickly reversed as she realized it was a fault on her part and it was removed. She knew it was wrong only after the fact because beforehand something blocked that realization, and most of you are taking it as if she is some horrid individual and never removed it, (which then it would still be still there). People make mistakes, it's only human, and everyone has their moments, big and small. I could understand if it was some major problem and I'm sure everyone can think of one without me needing to place in an example. I wouldn't classify "changing someones signature to something for a few minutes" a big enough deal to cost someone their job as a moderator, more specifically so when they ultimately did it non-maliciously. Can I also add to this that it was barely even what all of the people against her keep claiming, how it was bloody or w/e.

As for all the other past infractions that everyone goes on about, that is the past. This is the present. Using the past as an excuse to target someone by any grounds is just disrespectful and crude. Sure you can use it to share a similarity or to get better knowledge over the topic, but by no means should anyone use it with prejudice.

Bobithan wrote:
Ninja wrote:

why the hell are you even supporting zoey at all?
is it because you don't want to have to do anything?

Because every accusation against her is grasping at straws simply because you, Kira, and Bimps all have a personal vendetta against her. I've seen firsthand your harassment of Zoey ingame so it's hard for me to side with you when your judgement is clouded with hatred

From what I see just from all of the forum posts, I can actually believe that is happening. Which is yet another reason why there shouldn't have been a vote in the first place. Buzzer partially went into how people who are out to get others often end up rallying to change things via vote that is ultimately unfair. Kinda easy to see that it's happening here. Hundreds of post saying nearly the same thing, some different but ultimately show the same message. It's really a shame to see and I hope she isn't affected by it =/

All I see this doing is giving what those who just want to make the forums and game a playground for prejudice and anarchy what they want. It may not seem like much but it's a small step towards something much less loving to the eye.

Regardless, I respect the final decision regardless, and I hope it will be done under good heart. ^^

Last edited by Mish (2016-08-11 03:04:38)



#213 2016-08-11 04:17:02

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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Mish wrote:

I browsed...

I agree with you, i was going to point out the irony of moderators being moderated by the public etc.. but you put it very well. I also didn't wanna just quote your whole post which is why i only quoted the first two words.

If you would like me to make a bot for you, go here.


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#214 2016-08-11 17:06:07

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Re: Zoey possibly demodded

Mish summed this up perfectly. I think this topic should be closed, as it really has no further use.



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