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The EE Book Series: Official Crew

What are “The EE Book” series?

The Everybody Edits Book are a series of story-driven worlds whose plot and story is developed in chapters, being each chapter a world, just like a book from the real life.

I had this idea and I started a crew for the people who want to help with this project.

What is the story?

It's pretty much based on what we call trolling. Legends say that there exists a book called the EE Book. Whoever gets that book gets absolute control of everything in the EE Universe, much like a god. But, a trolling organisation desires to fill this universe with their mess by stealing that Book. And here's your mission: stop them!

The adventure will include original puzzles and minigames, dialogues and lots of secrets to find in each chapter, so you get a complete adventure experience. To make the adventure more exciting, you won't be able to spectate nor use the minimap. Everything prepared for you to have an epic adventure.

Can I help?

Yes. But I'm not relying on people who troll where they shouldn't. You can also support the project by leaving your opinion.

I have an official crew for those who want to help. If you want to join me/us, just ask. And if I don't invite you, it may be because you are a troll or because you aren't interested in this series.

Project Status

Chapter 1 is finally released!


Check them if you're stuck with anything in any chapter.

Chapter 1:

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#2 2016-06-03 14:14:58

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Re: The EE Book Series: Official Crew

Seems pretty interesting, alhough I'm not interested in joining in the crew. Looking forward to the story! //



#3 2016-06-03 23:13:48

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Re: The EE Book Series: Official Crew

looks interesting! I'll help if i can, though i won't join the crew.

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#4 2016-06-04 05:32:43

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Re: The EE Book Series: Official Crew

Seems Legit Bruh, but I don't know if I am good at making a real, like legit, story line.

If I were to join would the story line be based off of choosing what sentence to say?

Or would it be one like "The Square"?

Or just a story that cuts to minis and more story?

Or something Entirely different?

Whichever one of these it is let me know so I know if I would be able to help us out.



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