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#1 2016-03-04 23:09:31

From: France
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WIKI - A real level catalog

I didn't find a better place to post this.

This is a sort of suggestion about the wiki : create a level catalog where everybody can submit levels.
For the moment, the wiki is really "poor" and doesn't have a lot of utility (sorry guys who update it, you are doing a good job).
So why not add a "Level Catalog" page, similar to the topic by D-rock.

Everybody will just have to click on a button at the top of the page.
There can be somes conditions if you want to submit a level :
- level name
- level link (beta optional)
- minimap picture
- creator name
Then, the player can add if he wants a description, like "This is a bot assisted level, you need the owner online to play it."
The guy who's adding the level could also choose keywords, like "adventure", "medium"... And these will regroup level of the same categorie.

If the level page is validated by the wiki staff, the level enter the catalog.

Probably there can be somes columns of levels in the page to don't have an empty feelling (for example, 4 in full screen, 2 in half screen tab).

Hidden text

(Idk if it's possible yet, I can't connect myself to the EEwiki, I have to wait 5min to retry now so I made this topic)


#2 2016-03-04 23:18:18

Moderation Team
From: Shakuras
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Re: WIKI - A real level catalog

i was working on a week where we would encourage people to edit the wiki. but it was like two weeks ago and i kind of didn't bother getting around to finishing the post... so thanks for giving me a bit of motivation to do that. soon. later.

i was thinking of various ways to categorize things; would a level be listed as its own page? in a giant list of levels? grouped by crew or level makers?

but then i was like... the way i see it, if people want to make a page for their crew, levels, or whatever, go ahead.

a topic hidden in a place that doesn't exist wrote:

user generated content
=> look, if you're willing to make a page for your stupid crew no one cares about, go ahead.
=> it ain't gotta be significant. ee thrives on user generated content. tha'ts literally the point

so i guess what i'm trying to say is... if you want, go make a page for your individual level(s). maybe i'll write up a template for it... probably not. but maybe.

w/e i created a category for levels (even tho i tihnk anyone can do that)

so when you create a page for a level just add


at the bottom

idk about the keywords thing tho

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#3 2016-03-04 23:45:34

From: France
Joined: 2015-02-15
Posts: 682

Re: WIKI - A real level catalog

Probably the first step can just be the list (with minimap),
And when you click on the title of the level you access to the level page.

I don't know how the wiki works, but if it's easy to add a level that can be a good start.
The adding system can be a bit like a survey, you need to complete all "questions" about the level to submit it.

Players list, crew, keywords... That's just stuff which can be add if the system works !

(I still can't login in the wiki // )


#4 2016-03-05 00:00:02

From: wait I'm not a secret mod huh
Joined: 2015-08-10
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Re: WIKI - A real level catalog

Well I imagine most levels won't be worth writing about or have that much to say, but that's always an option... I mean, it's not like we have a whole lot going on in the wiki rite



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