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Wayhome (Going Home contest submission)

Click to play!

thumbs up for the sooper dooper creative title.

v Below - My own thoughts n criticism v

I started this map off with the idea being that the entire screen will be full without seeing any other parts of the map. Basically attempting to make it as immersive as possible. (Well, as immersive as you can get in EE)

Admittedly, I'm not a good artist in EE or IRL really - but I did try to make it look nice as I could. Unfortunately many parts are poop, one particularly being the snow sections which looks like I threw a vanilla milkshake at the screen. Everything looks much better on the minimap - which was not a factor in the contest but seemed to be a side effect of my attempts at making nice ingame art.
The other downside is some pretty boring minis. I'm thinking of redoing sometime in the future when I get some creativity going.

This is my first map actually completed in EE, so I'm sorta proud of that. ;)
(First, excluding a generic boss to code a long time ago no one ever played)

Cool screenies (spoilers if you don't want to ruin the amazing plot for yourself.)

EE Pics


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