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#1 2015-02-14 15:26:19

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Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Basically, the title says it all.

Which blocks, decorations, action blocks and backgrounds do you hate/not like the most and why?

For me:

Blocks - Industrial pack, mars blocks. Bad-looking, poor and very very painful to your eyes.
Action blocks - Builders club doors. Just why? I'd say it's the most useless thing in EE...
Decorations - Christmas 2011/12 decorations, prison decorationn, mars stone decoration. Christmas decos look very very bad, prison decoration is very poorly designed and painful to eyes.
Backgrounds - Carnival bgs and water bgs. Totally useless and eyerape.

Thnx a lot, MrShoe, for adding these things :/

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#2 2015-02-14 15:26:18

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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks -   Plate Iron
Action - CAEK
Decor - Halloween 2012 <3
BG - Carnival4eyerape


#3 2015-02-14 15:26:16


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks: Industrial, because they are more like decorations then blocks, and very few of them have minimap colors, and the ones that do are all the same shade of grey.

Action: Cake, Time Doors, the smilies from the cake are ugly and very poorly made. Time doors I dis-like, because they only change at an interval of exactly 4 seconds, and you can't customize them beyond that. Personally I'd like a timer command so I could choose the amount of time it would take for them to open/close.

Decorations: X-Mas 2012, Clouds, Ninja, Prison, X-mas 2012 is like hardly a decoration. It is flat colored for the most part, and it didn't even come with a bow to put on top of the gifts :< . Clouds I dis-like because they are hard to see against some backgrounds (like the really light blue one I generally use for the sky), Ninja because the little curved horn shapes they made for the roofs of buildings are not accurate to real Japanese architecture, and Prison because if you put too many it's like eyerape. e.e

Background: Carnival. Christmas 2012, Jungle, just... no... all these backgrounds are way to complicated, cluttered, and spammy. Seems like someone just took a texture brush on photoshop and swiped it once over a flat green surface then called it a block. Seriously backgrounds should NOT be that noticeable. Hence the name BACKground.

#4 2015-02-14 15:26:15

From: Brazil
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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks/Background: Viking for both, it looks awful and users always use it in bad places. sorry gka
Decorations: Rocket, it's unfitting.
Background: Christmas 2012, I like the green but it's somewhat pointless.


#5 2015-02-14 15:26:14


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks - Checker
Action blocks - Blue Coin
Decorations - Sand
Backgrounds - Carnival background

#6 2015-02-14 15:26:13


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks: Viking, just a really ugly block. Industrial, (kinda) design is pretty nice, but the minimap colors suck.
Action: Buildersclub doors, useless
Decoration: Christmas 2012, where the hell can you use that for? Monster, just ugly.
Background: Carnival, really annoying. Viking, really ugly, like the blocks.

#7 2015-02-14 15:26:12


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks - Tractor belts
Action- BC door, and fire
Decorative- Medieval decorations
Background- Pirate life saver - historically inaccurate, dumb, and could have been better as a decoration.

#8 2015-02-14 15:26:11

Wiki Mod
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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

(Whether you are Chris/MrShoe, a guest, or a user, I do not mean to offend you in any way.)

Blocks: Summer 2011 - They're decent, but I don't have it, and I prefer the Sand Package.
Action: Cake - Expensive, and they're just smileys. Diamond blocks feel more accomplishing buying/touching.
Decoration: Hazard signs - Have I ever used these and kept them there?
Background: Water - It's decent, but it's just a bright blue, seaweed, and a few sea creatures.

Everybody Edits, yeah.


#9 2015-02-14 15:26:10

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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks - Pipes (poorly drawn and annoying color)
Actions - Builders Club doors
Decorations - Castle
Backgrounds - Monster

Actually, I must disagree with myself. Every pack has use in some level, that's why I also buy all packs possible (unlike smileys in which I don't buy the ugliest ones).

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#10 2015-02-14 15:26:09

From: Maryland, U.S.A.
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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks - Industrial and Mars
Action - Hazards and Checkpoints
Decoration - Monster eyes and teeth
Background - Monster hair



#11 2015-02-14 15:26:08

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Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks: Industrial. I can't even find a good purpose for these blocks. The conveyor belt is absolutely useless.
Action: Builders Club doors. No explanation needed.
Decorations: Halloween 2012. It's ugly and stuff.
Background: Timbered. They really should be backgrounds rather than backgrounds. At least they can be used to eyerape levels.



#12 2015-02-14 15:26:07


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks ummm idk minerals. The most hated pack in ee.

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#13 2015-02-14 15:26:06


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks: Basic. I don't do art, so these are pretty useless for me.
Action: Nothing. BC doors are amazingly useful, great for trapping BC members. pFhcd.png
Decorations: None.
Backgrounds: Nope. Stop insulting my carnival bg guys D:

#14 2015-02-14 15:26:05


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks: Cowboy for taking too much space for nearly the same graphic.   What's with all this Industrial hate?   I find them useful for tanks, robots, and torches.
Action: BC doors/gates.   Only really useful for a protest/troll, which isn't what it was intended for.   Cake, because I hate having to keep resetting my smiley.   It should add random party hat to your smiley instead, like how a crown or Winbrick work.
Decor: Cloud and Fog.   I actually do like these packs, I just hate how they take up so much unneeded space when a single block for each could do if EE used connected textures.   I don't like prison bars and would rather use Cowboy bars in their place.   I dislike Cowboy as well, since it takes up so much space for graphics that look the same/are flipped.
Back: Carnival checker and Carnival red/gold stripes for being hard on the eyes.   Also, Lava walls as they have a dull, kind of green tint to them, which is more noticeable when placing lava blocks by them.

#15 2015-02-14 15:26:04


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Blocks - plate iron
Action blocks - cake
Decorations - rocket
Backgrounds - christmas 2012

#16 2015-02-14 15:26:03


Re: Worst blocks, decorations, backgrounds?

Everything MrShoe added!
Block: Checker
Action: Diamond
Background: Carnival


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