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Flagging your topics

Bots and Programming is a vague category, so we encourage you to put flags in the topic's title.

Here are the official flags:

[BAL] - Topic contains a bot-assisted level.
[Tool] - Topic contains some type of software for other people to download and use in their development process.

[Idea] - Topic contains an idea for software and needs refinement.
[Alpha] - Topic contains something that is very new and volatile.
[Beta] - Topic contains something that is usable but still getting changed often.
[Release] - Topic contains something that is completed.
(Do not make a separate topic for each of these four stages - just change the topic title)

[Guide] - Topic explains how to do something.
[Question] - Topic asks how to do something.
[Comp] - Topic hosts a competition.
[Discussion] - Topic just talks about a certain idea - no distinct goal.

You are also encouraged to use multiple, if it is necessary. You can also add your own flags after these, such as [PlayerIO], [C#], [API], [SDK], etc.

Yeah, well, you know that's just like, uh, your opinion, man.



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