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Heavy Adventurer (WIP ver 1)

I started this over 3 years ago. I haven't really touched it too much over the years, but now, I think it would be a good time to post the world here, despite it not being completely finished yet.
I know that the overall quality of the world may be garbage, but honestly, I don't really mind about that too much. I might improve this a bit at some point in the future, but I'm too tired to work on it anymore rn, lol.


Btw, this world also has some secrets, cuz why wouldn't I add in a bit of extra fun value? //

Difficulty (not finalized): EXTREME-INSANE


(Yes, I put a golden toilet in there for no reason. I'll probably remove it whenever I feel like it though, as it doesn't necessarily fit with the world, lololol.)


Heavy Adventurer (WIP ver 1)

Alternate link (expires in 7 days!):

(UDrop) The Worst World Ever (21 lvls) EXPIRED

Oh, and if there's anything broken or wrong in the world, or the links aren't working, please let me know asap and I'll try to fix these issues whenever I can!

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Re: Heavy Adventurer (WIP ver 1)

good world thank you sticksam <3

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