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when people can't differentiate fantasy from reality in a video game

sorry, i didn't know what else to title this thread

someone had asked me a few years ago if i were still going to share that one story on the forums. or if i changed my mind. truth is? with everything going on, i just forgot. but to make it up to you, i'm doing it right now. ^.^

ok, back about a decade ago, my friend vox wanted to check out the mmo i used to play religiously. (same game i had mention in the q&a part of the sailor moon rant thread, where my account went under wrongful scrutiny for cheating.) so i had told him i would accompany him and aid him with what ever he needs help with. and he agree to it since i was a max level and it meant we got to hang out.

well knowing how... 'off' half of the community was there, to avoid having the deal with them. i created a private group and invited him to join. but i kept going to private rooms just to be able to show him around the game. all was fine at first for the first hour, until vox made a slight error and ran ahead of me and ended up getting teleported onto anew map before i could warn him. in a panic, i went to that room he landed in, in the hopes it was empty. but there was a few users there. i figured, i would just wait for vox to get out of the cutscene. but an issue arose when vox's avatar spawn in front of them. and if i knew what was going to happen next? i would have just waited off to the side instead of coming over.

the guy in the room, at first ignored vox, until he saw me. and despite all the female avatars on that game being literally carbon copies of each other. except for different hair and skin tons. i guess he took one look at my avatar, and thought, wow. before he notice i was with vox, and what i can only assume base off what he did next. he was thinking, ''what is someone like her doing with that noob?'' because without warning he just started insulting vox. just unprovoked, vile comments towards him. to be honest? if this were directed towards me? i wouldn't have cared. but because this was vox, i spoke up and said something that was along the lines of knock it off. which only seem to make him mad. so he turn his attention towards me. started talking down to me like i was his subordinate. before going on this, what can only be described as this unhinged ego boost. as he kept going on about all his accomplishments and achievements in game, his rank placement, and so on. the irony of all of this was, not only did i out rank the guy in more ways then one. i just didn't really go around flaunting what i have. but some of the stuff he was naming that he had supposedly claim to have done? you would have to really, really, have to have no life in order to do within a timely manner. so i decided to interrupt him while he was in the middle of boasting, and say,

''is this suppose to mean something?''

as i ask this in chat? both vox and his friend who finally showed up and saw what happen. just started dying laughing, which caused the guy in question to go quiet for a brief moment. before he starts cursing me out and calling me stupid. at this point? vox's friend leaves the room, which causes vox to follow after him. and i decided to go with them. because of how that game was design. if some really disturbed obsessive person wants to do things like stalk, harass you, or flood your screen with messages? there is nothing much you can do to stop it. and to no one's surprise. he followed me, this time bringing his max level account over with his alts. (which only begs the question. if this guy is able to keep up and maintain 6 or more accounts. does he even have a job?) trying to show me up, not realizing i didn't really care or was all that impressed by it. just to tell me off some more. if your curious? vox didn't really log back into that game after that (i don't really blame him for quitting after encountering that), and thanks to crappy moderation on that game? reporting the stalker wouldn't have mattered.

i guess if anyone else wants to share their experiences dealing with people like this? feel free to also post below


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