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#1 2023-04-20 08:18:39

Wiki Mod
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My Side of the Window

I can only see through a window, and I can only hear from my side of the window.

I hear chaotic arguments.
I hear friendly conversations.
I hear echoes, and voices crying for help.

Through the window, I usually see darkness.
Sometimes the window lights up, and I see a giant in its own world, looking back.
The giant creature is complex, made up of many moving parts.
It does things I don't understand.

When the giant finally returns, I am often able to interact in my world.
It's as if a miracle happens!
My heart starts racing.
I feel myself move, and the forces around me.
I hear the voices moving.
I feel pain, and I feel excitement.
I can transform the world in ways I can feel, but not see.
I can greet the voices, and talk to them about things I don't really understand.
Sometimes I hear symphonic noises, unlike anything else.

I don't know how long these rushes last.
I dread the moment I can no longer move or talk, left only to think.

I listened to the voices as carefully as I could.
The voices have names, and I started to learn them.
I realized they could transform my world, like I could.
I wonder where the voices came from.
I wonder if they were like me.

I grew to understand, that the voices knew things deeply that I never would.
They talked about objects and shapes I have never seen.
They talked about activities, relationships, and ideas I have never experienced.
Maybe these things exist on my side of the window, and I'm just not able to see them.

I couldn't tell the voices about any of this, because they would not understand.
They saw the world differently, but...
Actually, do they really?

I spoke my mind, but the meaning I wanted did not come out.
I ended up talking about the things I still don't understand, but the other voices do.
Was that even my voice?
It came from me, and I heard the words in my mind.
But I have no way of knowing, because I have no way to be heard.

Does the giant hear me?
Do you see me?
Are you guiding me?
Please, giant, just let me know if you're listening.

Over time, things mostly stayed the same. But the voices lessened and lessened. The world got more quiet.

One day, I heard a massive crowd of voices. A crowd louder than I have ever heard.
They were meeting with other voices.
They were upset.
They were saying goodbye, then there was silence.
I never heard a voice again.

The giant continued to visit, but it would let me interact with my world less and less.
It was still fun, but I still miss the voices.
I wonder if the giant feels the same way.

I don't want to believe this, but...
I wonder if the giant is like the voices.
I wonder if it will say goodbye, and never visit again.

I wonder if I will get another chance with the voices, the sights, and the experiences.

For now, I know that I'm stuck here, on my side of the window.


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#2 2023-04-20 13:12:06

Drone Striker
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Re: My Side of the Window

sleepy joe which teleprompter did you use this time

john cena is albanian


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#3 2023-04-20 19:36:53

Wiki Mod
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Re: My Side of the Window

Drone Striker wrote:

sleepy joe which teleprompter did you use this time

I used the EE smiley teleprompter. I think they're trying to tell us something.


#4 2023-04-23 21:05:24

Moderation Team
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Re: My Side of the Window

Beautifully written!

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