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#1 2022-04-22 01:09:46

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How do EEO/EE portals EXCATLY work? In a number of ways?

Portals are one of those game changer features that you to teleport a player to another location but to do that, you need to fill in a Portal's ID and a Portal's target ID. This is the interesting part, how do those two numbers work? How many ways can this be achieved to teleport a player?

I'll share my knowledge about portals.

You can make a one way portal using something like this, and that one portal can be entered at all directions

You can also make a two way portal using something like this as well where you can go back and forth in those portals. Both of these portals can be entered at all directions

This however, does not work. Although it used to work in the older versions of EE. If I remember

You can make a portal that is inaccessible in one direction using something like this. The one portal cannot be accessible by going through it's left.

And here, this just gets more complicated. Lol. I was experimenting making switch systems while I was making a silly RPG system in EE.

How many ways can you make a portal work?

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#2 2022-04-22 04:55:13

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Re: How do EEO/EE portals EXCATLY work? In a number of ways?

epic post, you can also use the bug to block off a portal in every direction except one by setting the ids to 99999


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#3 2022-04-22 06:51:48

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Re: How do EEO/EE portals EXCATLY work? In a number of ways?

Cool portal Fact's:

If an ID is shared by multiple portals, teleporting to a portal of that ID selects one of those portals at random. As far as I know, this is the only part of gameplay affected by randomness.

If a portal goes to a portal in a different rotation, some complex calculations are done and the smiley receives a slight speed boost. If both portals point the same direction, they work near seamlessly. Correct me if I got any of this wrong.


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#4 2022-04-22 20:47:13


Re: How do EEO/EE portals EXCATLY work? In a number of ways?

They work by sending the player to the ID of the other portal. Because EE's worlds are constructed with tiles, portals are given coordinates, and these coordinates are assigned IDs. Entering a portal associated with a specific ID will tell the game to drop you off at that coordinate. Depending on how the IDs are set up, you can make it one way or two way.

But it doesn't end there. The coders that implemented portals wanted them to function as portals function from the Portal game series. In order to do that, momentum must be carried over through portals. The way this is determined is dependant on which side you entered the initial portal. If you entered the initial portal through the backside, then you will exit out of the front of the exit portal. If you enter the portal from the front, then you will be expelled out of the backside of the exit portal. I'm not certain how the sides work, but I'd imagine they work like this: entering the left flank of the portal expels you out the right flank of the exit portal if both point the same direction.


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