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#1 2022-02-01 14:07:00

From: kongregate
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some idea for difficulty formula[bad]

x frame jump = 1/x [perfect pixel is 1, and almost perfect is 0.5, etc] [need to fix: 1x1 hook jump, because everyone can do it 5 times in a row with enough practice and its not that hard]
we add the number for every jump, then we get minigame difficulty number [like, a perfect pixel and a 2 frame jump = 1+0.5 = 1.5]
after that, we need calculate player skill
if you can do perfect pixel once for every 5 attempt, your skill is 5[1 is TAS skill because you need do every perfect pixel without death]
minigame difficulty number = n,N skill = s
s^n = the average attempt you need for the mini
minigame difficulty rate [n is minigame difficulty number]
n<1 = <hard-extreme
1<n<2 = hard-extreme
2<n<3 = extreme
3<n<5 = insane
5<n<10 = alesmile difficulty
n<10 = 2b55b5g have fun
skill rate [s is skill]
s=1 = TAS[exact]
1<s<2 = ready for 2b55b5g fly
2<s<4 = alesmile having fun
4<s<8 = ok for insane
8<s<16 = extreme
s>16 = noob
and ((1/(s-1))*30)^4 is attempt you can do for a mini [sorry for bad formula but this take me a while to test in wolfram alpha] [if you have 7 skill, mini with under 625 attempt is not too hard for you]
i used it before i found the formula, i call it perfect pixel count because i actually compare minigame to perfect pixel and count it to think about keep play or not
ik this is not suggestions for game, but this is suggestions for player, idk where to post it // // // //


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