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Everybody Edits v267 (Everybody Edits 3.0)

Hello, guys!

Everybody Edits 3.0 has been finally arrived! //


The Easter Egg Hunt in Everybody Edits Rivelka Edition has been ended.

And also I want take a break after Everybody Edits Rewritten, but this game will be still active! //

The largest update is being rolled-up to everyone! //

This update is intended to increase the convenience of building and playing worlds! //

Since this update we'll start mixing the features from other EEO mods! //

It has much fewer restrictions and you'll love this new update! //

You can see changes here: (Update May 2021) … k08yVFooLs

An another way is this:

*Added the Purple Dragon (from Project M by Minimania)
*Added the Purple Spikes (from Operation K-8 by KyVay)
*Added the Blue Gray Pastel Background (from Loading Screen from November 2015)
*Added the Brown Aura Color
*Added the Droplet Aura Shape (by Cola1)
*Added the Campaign "Rivelka 2020 Levels"
*Added the Points System, the signs and NPCs were given with new parameters! (made by Seb135)
*Added the Random Block, which changes the player's smiley to random
*Added the Edit Block, which gives the edit for anyone, who touches it (look taken from EE CM)
*Added more kinda tags for Gold Package (more one time)
*Added spaces between "Party" and Colors, and also added "Hat" for Party Hats Smileys (when you touch cake)
*Added the Smileys decorations (At first there are Wink and Happy)
*Added the new Sign and NPC Parameters such as a %roomid%
*Added the pop-up text for God Mode Block
*Added the command "/r" as shortcut for "/reset" (a good new for speedrunners)
*Added the shortcut key for Restart; "Shift + Z" and it was added to Key Binding (an another good new for speedrunners)
*Added the Ice Half Block (from Operation K-8 by KyVay)
*Added the Orange Color for Keys, Doors, Gates and Teams
*Added the Avatar and Signature for Rivelka on EE Forums
*You don't have to save your world to use command /resize (note it can be risk to lose your work, if you haven't saved a world)
*Fire Demon is now capitalized
*No Face is available for Old Special, also!
*Face Blocks from Generic, Old Special and Jungle Packages are now morphable! They have received the new IDs, so it should not break the old ones! //
*The Postman Smiley is Red on Minimap
*The Question Mark design has been updated (look taken from Project M, a mod by Minimania)
*The Frankenstein Smiley has been return to its previous state
*Changed the Neon Backgrounds to be Neon Pack
*Changed the default value for Text Length from "200" to "2000"
*Changed the text in the Lobby from "Everybody Edits Offline" to "Everybody Edits"
*Changed the default number for Doors and Gates for Coins and Deaths from 10 to 1
*Changed the default text for Texts and Signs to "", which means none!
*Changed the minimal and max world size from "3x3 to 636x460" to "1x1 to 2000x2000"
*Changed the minimal and max gravity for world settings from "0.1 to 3" to "0 to 10" (ex. /gravity 5.67)
*Changed the minimal and max gravity for world creation options from "10 to 300" to "0 to 1000"
*Changed the max number for characters for world size and gravity from 3 to 4
*Increased the max number for World Name from 20 to 30
*Increased the max number for Brush from 5 to 10
*Increased the max number for Fake Players from 10 to 20 (Note it may lag and then crash the game)
*Expanded the Neon Blocks by Yellow, Green and Blue variants
*Expanded the Carnival Backgrounds by three backgrounds (and of course new tags for existing one)
*Expanded the Christmas 2011 Package by one decoration (unused in Decorations)
*Fixed the tag for Purple Plastic Block to be "Pink" instead of "Purple"
*Tags for Christmas 2011 Package were slightly modified
*Tag for Jungle Face has been capitalized
*Added the "Morphable" Tag for a bit more Half Blocks
*Added the "Pink" Tag for Purple Half Block
*Added the "Sunflower" Tag for one decoration from Spring 2011
*Added the Complete Level sound
*Added the death sound
*Restored the old coin sound

Reminder from v266.2

*You can save worlds as ".rivelkaeelvl" instead of ".eelvl"

Please note, that the version of the game can load slightly longer, due to large amount of additions. Please be patient. //

And note, it is don't recommend to complete campaigns level after joining, lefting and again joining, because the interface disappears, that means you must forcely to complete a level or reload the game. If you wish to don't have this major bug you must play on v266.2 or older, other mod or original release of Everybody Edits Offline. Thanks! //

This day marks a new milestone in Everybody Edits; it's the largest update it has ever seen. The development of this update has been started on April 11, 2021, shortly after the v266.1 update and thank you for being in Everybody Edits! //

Video for this update:

Download link: … iAwqWvSW68

See you in-game!

~ Rivelka ~


Important Links:

---> Everybody Edits Rewritten: … p?id=47517

---> Everybody Edits Rivelka v272.1: … 51#p791151 LATEST VERSION!

---> YouTube: … j_Q/videos


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Re: Everybody Edits v267 (Everybody Edits 3.0)

I support your creations!

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Thanks stubby!

im known as waamy or aaa or rookiecookie


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Re: Everybody Edits v267 (Everybody Edits 3.0)

This is very cool:):):)


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Re: Everybody Edits v267 (Everybody Edits 3.0)

ngl the amount of work you put into this is admirable

signature by HG, profile picture by bluecloud, thank!!
previous signature by drstereos


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