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RNG lootbox for EEU?

What do you think, EEU being RNG would be a good thing?

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Re: RNG lootbox for EEU?

How could RNG work for EEU:
The smileys and cosmetics would be hatched from a lootbox
There could be one type of lootbox or various type of lootboxes, for example, smiley lootbox, cosmetic lootbox, random lootbox, etc. (Even seasonal lootboxes).
In addition to the graphic, the lootbox could have jewels, energy, magic dust when a graphic is repeated, but I think it is better to not have repeated graphics, and the lootbox should always give a new graphic when purchased.
The price should be sorta high, so players don´t get right away all cosmetics in one week. For example 2000 energy per lootbox.

Those could be purchased with energy AND stardust or immediately purchased with jewels.

In addition you could purchase some packs from the shop that would cost a large amount of energy or stardust, or either jewel if the player want it faster.

The only thing that would not be added to RNG would be action tools and blocks and any building feature as those should not have any kind of paywall/game-wall/RNG-wall. The better the games the players can build the better for the whole community and the game itself.

The things that would be RNG would be smiley graphics and smiley cosmetics.

I don´t reject the idea of RNG for aesthetic graphics, I sorta like the surprise mechanics of games, as it allow me to enjoy more what I get.

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Re: RNG lootbox for EEU?

Loot boxes are something that has been discussed before and I think that the conclusion reached about them was that they were a bad idea because they encouraged gambling. That said, I personally do like the concept of random rewards - not so sure that should be in the form of loot boxes though. I can't remember if magic coins are planned to just always give a random amount of stardust but I think it would be cool if they sometimes just gave out the things you can buy with stardust instead.

Some stuff I found on the topic of loot boxes:

kMMA0S6.png dxGW6FY.png


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Re: RNG lootbox for EEU?

**** RNG  really **** RNGF beevr on my side


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


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