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#1 2020-10-19 17:45:10

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Colorless blocks and painting feature

Principal reason i make this idea is because i feel there is an inconsistency in the variety of colors the packages in EE have. Some like the basic, beta and brick blocks have from red to pink, and some others just have 3 colors, like the domestic pack, scfi, etc.

The basic idea is to make the blocks available in the shop colorless, gray tones and possibly the same color pallete, then there's the new " painting feature " this let you paint your blocks the way you more like it. If you want a "Red 200 Minigames" Then you will use the "Red paint" in all your blocks! New paints would be purchasable in the shop.

The main and free paints obviously should be the colors of the RAINBOW, the BLACK, GRAY and WHITE.
Purchasable paints would include the brown, lime... and others flat colors. Also, some paints with patterns, lines, circles, checkered.

Trying to expand the idea, i thought about "Misc" and "Textured" paints, these two works the same, but they aren't considered patterns. But, i think the Misc can also be decoratives in an upper layer.. Same happens to Textured paints, they can be normal blocks with a paint. So i discarded both..


#2 2020-10-19 18:16:17

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Re: Colorless blocks and painting feature

Question: how would blocks with a coloured pattern appear on the minimap; for example grey block + red dotted pattern, would the pixel for the block appear as: grey,red or desaturated red?
Also are backgrounds going to receive the same treatment or not?

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#3 2020-10-20 01:21:52

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Re: Colorless blocks and painting feature

Moved to Graphics Suggestions.

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Re: Colorless blocks and painting feature

About the color customizer idea, it has been suggested many times, but the colors of blocks are not flat most of the time, they are meticulously considered for each color of each block. it is not just changing the hue, most of the cases you need to do several adjustments to make graphic colors work.
Your suggestion would imply the graphic team to go making the "rainbow" and gray scale colors for all pakcs and each block individually, something I find somewhat necessary but at the same time exaggerated.
Making objects to be able to be set in different colors is extremely important to make the game more customizable. But it means to figure out a way to add a color pallete pop-up for each pack to select the color that has been previously adjusted and created by the graphic designer to work and look good in-game but not be overwhelming for the user to use.
The extra colors are not really interesting in my opinion, those would be redundant. (The brown, lime... and others flat colors)
Instead a background with a Hue color wheel to select colors would work and would be amazing.

The texture paint idea very interesting (Wood texture). it would actually be a cool feature. but it is very specific, would open a completely new way to make blocks for EE franchise.
This idea might be really hard to implement correctly and would need to be very advanced, so I guess it might not be added as it would mean a lot (a LOT) of work, ending up being too overwhelming.

Misc is actually decorative items, but considered to be placed on blocks rather than anything else, it has been suggested many times, and I hope those are added eventually to the game.

#5 2020-10-20 07:45:23

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Re: Colorless blocks and painting feature

i like this idea


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell



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