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#1 2020-10-07 06:11:58

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Particles (EEU)

There should be particles in eeu, a decoration block that beautify your world with little but cool effects!
Smoke particle: Do you have a car, or a fireplace? This particle is for you!
Wind particle: When there is a lot of wind, this is the perfect particle, also works for ice-ambients!
Burning particle: Oh no, the grilled chicken will burn!
Flame trhower particle: Very hot
Fireworks particle: Already into EE
Bubble particle: For undersea
Raindrop and droplete particles: Yeah some ceilings are old and the water can pass through
Shiny particle: When something is very shimmering!
Electrical particles: For electrical systems, of course
Snow particle: For winter, or crhistmas.
Lightning particle: Very scary isnt it
Fog particle: Fog
Smoke particle v2: For candles, idk, just another version
Water splash particle: THis one is different because you need to interact with them to do the animation, mm...

Well basicaly every of these particles would work like the firework of ee, invisible without godmode, and does a animation in their own spot.


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#2 2020-10-07 06:18:31

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Re: Particles (EEU)

Interesting //

cool and good


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Re: Particles (EEU)

Those stuff would make the game quality peak so much, it would be if so the most mind-blow 2d game I ever played lol.

There is:

Normal animations: Those are not dynamic and are constant.
Examples: Fire animation, ice block animation, coin animation. (Some particles are actually advanced normal animations)

Normal Action animation: Those are animations activated after a smiley action:
Example: Afk animation for smileys, switch door animation, Spikes appearing when the smiley gets closer to them, blocks breaking when the smiley stand on them, the halloween decorative eyes animation.

Dynamic animations: Those are caused by the movement of the smiley, only for aesthetics. (Those are more advanced than action animations, behaving "differently" each time).
Example: Water "splash", smiley burning when placed in lava (it could have movement based on the smiley movement).

Particles: Those does not affect the smiley, and are only for aesthetics.
Example: Obscurity, "Magic particles", Fog, snow falling.

Dynamic particles: Those interact with the player when in range.
Example: Wind particles (Push the player in its direction), toxic fog (kills the player after time), Cold particles: Makes the player slow.

Dynamic lighting: Those are rendering settings that makes the objects actually emmits or reflect lights in the map. (Those lights are only for aesthetics)
For example, set light for the map 30%, there will be some obscurity and fire would emmit some lighting from it, the smiley when going close to it would get hitted by this light and as so reflect it.

Idk if there is any other kind of animations that EEU could benefit from, and some animations has various properties from various animation types listed above, so it is actually hard or inappropriate to classify them like this in some extend, there might be a more structurated way to organize and classify all these kind of animations.

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#4 2020-10-07 15:29:18

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Re: Particles (EEU)

automatic pass if i was staff


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell



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