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UPDATE: Terrible bug, totally poss

I am doing a system mechanic for a world and I am worried that the system will have issues in case this bug is poss
I am not sure if it is poss or imposs
Not necessarily exactly like the picture, but the idea that a boost can break a block in front of that boost for some unexplainable motive
(If you think it is poss please show a pic of how would it be done, even if there is a 1% chance of it to happen or even if it happens in a particular situation only)

I am kinda rusty in building worlds and I have seen that all my old systems has this format:
So this makes me think that it is actually poss that the boost break the block in front of it (But maybe it was a misbelief I had and it is actually not poss so I am right now unsure lol)

Similar but not the same:

I can verify that it is completely poss and is the worst bug in EE.
It touch the immediate item under the block that is in front of the boost, it means that the bug is very OP.


Made the bug report for it: … 55#p784555


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