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How do you see the future?

Watched all the movies about the universe, intergalactic battles, Star-Gate, Star Trek, Star Wars? Disney's Tomorrowland? Maybe terminator? Maybe you've watched Iron Man? Maybe you've watched all of them! All they have something similar - the representation of our belief in the future! If you told someone in the first years A. D., that the world is an ellipse, they'd laugh at you. If you told someone in the 10th century, that a tablet, like a book, exists, they'd burn you to death! If you told in the 30' that mostly everyone will have a car, most his personal computer, that this computer will be as flat as the diameter of a thin pencil, that they will have 160 GB up to over 2 TB capacity, that organs can be replaced, they'd be impressed.

And so we are here, thinking about a possible variant of the future! We ask ourselves, is it possible? I believe so! Question only is - when, and what exactly is possible! Obviously, our scientists do progress and the politicians stop them. I want a break through, now! Let's imagine all the possibilities, all the possible features our future will give us! (Note, that below I have been writing in a very unique way: There are no clear separated structures in these topic, I have tried to make splits, )

I have a dream. My dream is impossible right now, and I'm sure I won't manage something like that, but let's think with the most basic stuff that we will get - improvements: Blender gave out a real time render recently. In maybe five years, I already see animations of 20 minutes rendering in seconds. How this may help? Not sure blender exactly will help here, but this leads to significant upgrades in human life: AI's could generate objects, from objects they could generate movies. Who needs Disney, who needs Twenty Centuries Fox, who needs Paramount, who needs all these studios, if you can, firstly, enter a random seed, or however it shall work, and step two, enjoy a movie created by a bot, generated for you in seconds. "Hey Alexa or Siri, anyone, I want to have a movie like Lord of the Rings, where the main hero will be called.. Ehm.. Jack.. Jones.. and instead of a ring I want to have a bracelet." And there you go!

[Automatic Movie Generation]
A new movie - if you want release it on the future YouTube that will already support 3D videos completely! Yes, holograms, - also a thing that blender will support by the time. You rendered hard, and you don't want to look at the 2D screen of your Linux, of your Windows, of your Apple? Well you don't need to! Just place a small circular platform, click the power button, and look! It's the human you've been sculpting! Now do the last touch with the fingers, new controls that we will get used to, don't worry! Of course some see a tablet-like white thin platform to will display everything above the platform. Some of you think of EDITH - the super illusion maker in the world of 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Well, I don't think these glasses are possible, maybe in 70' years I will watch my grand-son doing homework, but wait! It's an illusion! Oh, forget it! I don't want that powerful stuff! So, holograms! I believe no one will use discord or Skype in that time: "Can we call? - No we better meet face to face right now! - Holograms? - Wait, I'll teleport to you!"

Yeah, why not? Some call it space bending, some do quantum teleportation. Well, at first, I think there are already some secret laboratories in the U. S. or in Russia that have achieved pretty much, but won't tell us. As someone who loves fan fiction, I would really like to see that. "Where are you now? - In Germany, Bavaria, Munich - Okay, do you have time? - Yeah, I'm completely free till 5 o'clock - Okay, do you have time to talk right now? Let's meet in London, Backerstreet 221B in.. 5 minutes? - Yeah, sure." or "Where do you live? - China - Why would you want to join our American school? - Actually I just want to experience teleportation daily." But obviously how render time speeds up, there will be angry young women going crazy about a 'too much time spent': "You promised me instant teleportation. Why is my watch 5 seconds late? What? Liar. Your company needs to compensate these large lost of 5 seconds life time." Yes, when will all here will be old grandpa's wondering about these teenagers, about the new hand gestures, about the new software interface.

[General UI, song preferences, how will 'tablets' look like, architecture, etc.]
Did he say new software interface? I pretty much think the 'dark mode', dark grey interface, like currently in blender, like in most of adobe projects, now also on youtube. I think it's pretty obvious, that the future UIs might evolve into a simple, minimalist, style, and the home screen (the wallpaper) will be pretty similar to the current ones'
About songs, 200 years ago we loved waltzes, ca. 100 years ago.. was the war, later on we loved rock'n'roll, in 10 from now years the music evolved pretty fast, so no comments on this one from my side.
About the upcoming home - I already see the white, clean, simple, rich, business design that actually won't cost so much anymore. A chair, that has one 'face' (3d artists will understand) instead of legs, that looks like an S from the side, and will be as good for your back as if you have sit in a sofa. You lie there, with your wife/husband watching your self-created movie, and there comes a robot, that looks exactly like a human, gives you everything you need.

"One ice tea from fuze, please! - Yes, sir!" We, indeed will become lazy, but this will replace our own fitness centres. But, robots! I am sure some of you think of droids like R2-D2 or C-3PO. Let's generally sum up what robots are for public use, as the probability that they will be evolved faster, is high: Drones, a vacuum cleaner robot, Apple's Home: You say, decrease the temperature, and so shall it be: The server scans your voice and activates the conditioner. You say, bring me tea, and the robot-human will do it. You say, to impress yourself with a new outfit, the computer designs you cool clothes that fit the mode. You say, print it, and now you can wear yourself with your newly printed outfit. You say, you go to take some fresh air, and everything goes into stand-by mode, alarm-protected waiting for you. Drones will bring you pizza, and large drones will replace airplanes, if both of them won't be replaced with the teleportation. But actually, why calling for a pizza, if you can print a pizza! The future is more complicated for just imagining it already, and when our son/daughter asks us, how life was back then, we'll respond: "You see, back in our time, we went to school, it may even took hours to get there. The only video games for creating your own reality were minecraft and gta. - Dad, will you live forever? - ...

... - Yes, of course!" If printing a new body would be then as cheap as bananas today, you just would print a new body and teleport your brain in there. Or another way, who knows. But it's already seen that just genetically the average of people's life will be tripled to 200 years. But where to put all the people who never die. Now, some of you say Thanos, some of you think of war, overpopulation, not enough resources and completely forget space traveling.

[Space Travel]
I mean, space traveling, speed of light, enormous velocity and instant acceleration, teleporting through the universe, colonising Mars, colonising Saturn, and Jupiter's moon Europe (someone will get that). The movie Passenger shows it: But instead of a sleeping stasis, we could just - I mean if I'm not dreaming too much here - live, and every 60 years - take our brain from the body, and printing ourselves a new, clean body. The old trash could be just put together and split by atoms for new bodies. People will stop using currencies then, they will have "protons, neutrons and joule" for measurement then. "I want a banana - Okay, please give us 50 milliards protons, 60 milliards neutrons, and 5 joules, but we can offer you a cheaper trade: Give us 10 millions of calcium, hydrogen, carbonate molecules, and 3 joule, and we print a banana for you." And so shall the other space nations talk about the long-living human, who is wise and rules the universe.

[Aliens & the Intergalactic Union]
U. E. C. - United Earths colonies. Imagine Russia and America starting another Cold War: "Give us 2 trillion of trillions oil molecules, or we attack your colony 500 light years away!" or a colony trying to be independent: "Sir, our colony in the Pegasus galaxy made protest against our new law of resources going to earth." I am sure that by the time we make our first alien meeting. Also, no racism, but what skin coloured husband/wife do you want to have? Green? Pink? Grey? Maybe multicoloured? Maybe light emitting? Maybe red? Maybe pure yellow? Personally I'd be fine with a robot. with seeing how my life goes!

[Future Theme Parks]
You know what I also want? The future swimming pools! Knowing how to bend gravity, this is something for me!

What I mean

Something earlier than instant teleportation would be faster planes, levitating cars and trains, but also starships!

Tell me, what you think about the future!

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Re: How do you see the future?

Future will be dark, the future we see...

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Re: How do you see the future?

Probably something like this


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