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#1 2019-07-04 04:03:24

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Work in Progress Setting Help

I just created a crew and I wanted to make a hangout that only the crew members could join. I set it to work in progress and gave the permissions: Edit Access, Shop Access, World Options, Alert Sending, and World Mangement to Members. I'm not completely sure what those roles are, so if someone could clarify that would be great. Anyways, one of my members could enter and edit the world, while the other couldn't enter. What am I doing wrong?

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#2 2019-07-04 07:49:06

From: admin land
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Re: Work in Progress Setting Help

Yoshi2018 wrote:

Edit Access, Shop Access, World Options, Alert Sending, and World Mangement

player can edit the world on join if world is part of crew
player can spend energy in the shop on cre items
playyer can use world owner commands liek /save /loadlevel ect he can alos kick other players and give/remove edit of others
player can send alert to subscibled members
player can add thir worlds to crew


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


#3 2019-07-04 11:24:42

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Re: Work in Progress Setting Help

Should work as long as they both have the same role. Otherwise it's probably a bug.


thx for sig bobithan



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