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[EEU] ID Colour Block

A block which you can place with an ID attached to it (the ID would only be visible with godmode) with blank colour by default, basically something like this:

(a 3x3 grid with this block placed)

Now here's the thing, you can change the colour of an individual id (or a group of ids) with an activation switch, which would have a pop-up with these options:

With the options in the image above, after the player goes through the activation switch, the blocks in the grid would (locally, not globally... in fact, there'd be a global version of these blocks like with switches) change to this:

This could be used for more complex systems within EE, such as a graphic display (I believe that if this was added you could make things like a 2-player ping pong game within EE without bots)


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#2 2019-06-21 06:49:44

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Re: [EEU] ID Colour Block

yeah well if you have many grouped next to each other tyou can amke ghraps which is nice


thanks hg for making this much better



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