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#1 2019-05-24 20:34:50

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The Oasis Dynamic Event

Hello Everyone!

Throughout my worlds, I try to put in some seasonal and dynamic events, such as Halloweeen themed or winter theme for the corresponding holiday/season. This time, I tried to do it for one of my worlds, but I would like some feedback.
Thats the world I enabled map and god mode for yall to fly around. This is what I have in mind:
Top right, there is a meteor, I think the meteor should finally land, landing inside the water, where the hut is, breaking up thee house and causing a flood, which floods the trees and destroys them(deforestation?), and underneath the bridge, between the dirt and sand area, have that area flooded. Where thee toxic sewage is will be replaced as a sewer system for the water to Flow through. Where the meteor is is gonna be a giant rock, with the areas around it on fire
(all of the changed areas will require new mini games btw)
Please let me know your thoughts!


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