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#1 2019-05-21 09:06:31

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25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

25 Ideas for EEU by AllenCaspe,
  -Some of these Ideas may be already mentioned so I'll make a new one if it's already mentioned, "Endless Possibilities"

1.) Counter Block/Gate
  -Opens on a number of players there are in a current world, also works for teams
   (Another Meaning, The Block disappears if there are X players in a world or on a team)
     [] When you see a number on a Counter Block, it means that it needs an X Number of players that are currently in the world or in a team, The gate disappears if there are more Players then the counter block then itself and reappears if there are less

  Purpose: Useful for wip situations, curse tag, capture the flag, mostly boss to code, and other hosting games on EE
2.) Laser Hazard
  -A hazard that usually obliterates a players presence
   (Another Meaning, a Laser that instantly kills a player, it checks the team your on before it kills you)
     [] Laser, Classic stuff eh? The laser comes up with different colors that resemble a team hazard, for an example, if the laser is colored blue, and you're on a blue team, it won't kill you but it will if your on a different team.

  Purpose: Usually Best used for Capture the Flag, and other PVP Features, or makes use for difficult puzzles
3.) Bomb, Tnt, (Other varies of explosives)
  -Do you like to blow stuff up and become Adolf Hitler? Use these stress-free hazards.
    (Another Meaning, the Bomb hazard is a global hazard that explodes about 5x5 tiles (Customizable number), However, These Explosives do NOT Effect other blocks like making another bomb explode. The Bomb will explode if a player touches it or it is removed by the creator)
     [] Explosive that kills all players around the hazard, doesn't affect the health effect or other blocks; It explodes if a player touches it or it is removed by the creator, if its touched, it doesn't mean that the bomb will be removed from the world, but it will spawn a bomb background tile as a corpse of the bomb which respawns in a customized time, *Minimum 1 Second*

   Purpose: Used often in boss to code, and in other survival situations.
4.) Timed Hazard
   -Every 5 Seconds, the hazard appears in the foreground, in the next 5 seconds, the hazard appears in Background
    [] Similar to the timed blocks but instead of blocks, its hazards

    Purpose: Rarely used in timing worlds, parkour, and other gibberish
5.) Switching Hazard /w Global ones
   -When Active, the hazard appears in the foreground, while disabled, it appears in the background and it won't kill you
    [] Very Similar to the switch blocks except they're hazards

    Purpose: Would be great, if you want to make a Realistic Boss Fight on your Boos to code worlds. Also used in puzzles, parkour, and others.
6.) Bullet Effect
   -Instead of the knife effect or other mafia nonsense, a Bullet Effect allows you to release a projectile to kill players which despawn in your off screen, (Or it disappears when it hits a block) the projectiles can affect switches, (or Bombs) but not teams or other effects. To release a projectile, press and hold the interact button to fire one.
   (Another Meaning, Bullet effect is similar to a shooter effect, it allows you to fire a bullet by pressing the interact button, and it kills a player that touches it, except teams. The Bullets will differ in color according to the team, Normally, the bullet will fire to a direction your facing and the bullet despawns when it goes off screen or it hits a block.)
    [] Bullets do not affect the same team, and normally, no friendly fire. To make sure you'll understand how a bullet direction goes, press a direction (Arrow Key) and that direction is where the bullet will fire.

    Purpose: There are many possibilities with this, PVP, Puzzles, Zombie Invasions, and many more
7.) Spider Effect
   -An Effect that allows you to freeze at mid-air
   [] When you press space again, you will freeze in mid-air, and you're able to press arrow keys or jump again. A Number appears on how many times you can freeze in mid-air.

    Purpose: An Alternate Version of a double jump but you freeze in mid-air. Cool for Puzzles or Parkour
8.) Armor Effect
    - Allows Invincibility frames when you touch a hazard
   [] When you touch hazard, you'll get invincibility frames that last for 2 seconds and when the 2 seconds last, you become vulnerable and the armor effect is removed. (Poison, Lava, Curse, Zombie and other related effects Ignore Armor)

    Purpose: Race, Second Life, Pvp, Parkour, Etc.
9.) Fireball Effect
    - Allows you to swim in lava, but you die in water
   [] A Reversed Version of Life in Water, You die in water, but you can swim freely in lava

    Purpose: Parkour, Puzzle
10.) Injection Effect
    - The Effect allows you to become a Zombie Anytime, by Clicking on the injection effect shown on your screen
   [] A pop-up will appear with duration and a negative buff selection, like a zombie or curse.

    Purpose: Puzzle, Survival, Being Hidden
11.) Honey Block
    - When you touch a side of a honey block, you are unable to move but to jump facing the direction you are in
   [] An Example of a Honey block would be a single block with gravity arrows around it,

    Purpose: Parkour
12.) Spring Block
    - A Simple block that bounces you to about 1.5 Of your jump height, can be placed horizontally or vertically
    (Another Meaning: A spring block that is similar to booster arrow but it is a block that bounces you when you touch it)
   [] When Placed Horizontally, you can only bounce on it if you're at the top of it or at the bottom of it. If vertically, Either left or right

    Purpose: Parkour, Puzzle, Survival
13.) Counter Portal
    - Also known as the One-Time Portal, that only allows a number of players to enter the portal, and if it reaches the max number, the portal becomes an X which means no more players can get in.
     (Another Meaning: When a number of players enter this portal and it reaches the number customized by the owner, The Portal disables with an X in it, allowing no more players to get in, the portal will respawn either, the world is reset or loaded. It acts as a crown when counting the players.)
    [] An Easier to use the portal without having difficulty to count players before removing the portal

    Purpose: Boss to Code, Contest, Hosting, Luck, Many Possibilities
14.) Edit Block
    - Gives a Player an ability to edit a world but without god mode
    [] This was maybe mentioned sometime maybe, when you touch it, it allows you to gain access to edit rights, but your unable to use god mode or save worlds

    Purpose: Code Worlds, You can have different Levels of "Edit"
15.) Hologram Portal
    - A Portal that only allows hologram smileys to enter it
    [] Touch a Hologram block to enter a Hologram Portal, Doesn't work if you switched your smiley after you get it

    Purpose: Puzzle, Technology
16.) Different Zombie Smiley Varies
    - A similar feature to the cake block that allows you to have different varies of zombie smilies
    [] If you get bitten by a Zombie, you get a different kind of a zombie smiley

    Purpose: No modern things of having only a single zombie smiley
17.) The Ability to Choose Block Restrictions
    - Cross out blocks that are not allowed by players to use, like portals, hazards, and garbage
    [] Disable Blocks that are not allowed by players to use if they have edit

    Purpose: Give Players different kinds of edit permission. Like Trusted, New, and Whatsoever
18.) Clicker Effect
    - Gives a Player an Ability to click other players to kill it or click switches to trigger them.
    [] A pop-up will appear and you're giving options like, click to kill a player or click to trigger a switch

    Purpose: Puzzle, Pvp, Logic, Etc.
19.) In-world currency with their gates
    - If you want to make rpg things with Anatoly, A in-world coin currency would be useful, Use Consumable Coins by using effects that consume it, They're along with Gates to make them More Useful
    (Another Meaning, When you click on a Coin Currency Block, It shows a pop-up with Set Coin. Add Coin, Decrease Coin. They're Company with gates which allow you to put a block that requires a number of coins you have.)
    [] The Gates are similar to coin gates. Not much to Explain

   Purpose: Mostly Rpg, Shop, Systems, Logic, etc.
20.) Sub-World in Worlds
    - Need more room? Transfer to the sub world of your world
   [] A Sub World Allows you to have more room in your world, and it appears invisible to the minimap in the lobby, (You can see the minimap of the sub-world if you're in the Sub-World)

   Purpose: Many Possibilities, Complicated
21.) Reseting Checkpoint
    - When you die, you will spawn to this checkpoint but all your previous progress will be reset until to last touched the checkpoint
    [] Similar to the Reset Block but When you die, it's like it loads a save state but all the switches you've triggered, the coins you've collected and the effects that you got will be reset until to touched the last checkpoint, quite a time travel when you die.

   Purpose: Parkour, Puzzle, Anti Cheeze
22.) Scroll-Lock Effect
    - When You touch this effect, Your In-game screen will no longer scroll, Until you touched a disable effect
    [] Your in-game screen will no longer scroll and you can't play blind off-screen, an invisible wall will appear off-screen and it will disappear if you disable the scroll-lock effect, touch a portal, go to god-mode, or when you die

    Purpose: Puzzle, Anti Spoilers, Parkour, and RPG
23.) Dark Visual Effect
    - Your On-screen Lights will be darkened, and the lights will be less, Giving a nice dark night theme
    [] Your On-screen will be dark and a light will emit or appear around your smiley giving limited vision

     Purpose: Night, Horror, Visual Blockers, Anti Spoilers
24.) Rain, Snow, Wind, and other Varies of non Visual Block Effects
    - It shows rain, or any weather is shown on your game screen
    [] On your screen, there will be a weather animation which makes gameplay feel realistic (Similar to sound effects to SMM)

     Purpose: Realistic, Weather, Etc.
25.) Flag Effect
    - This global effect kills all players in a team, and it can only be used once when triggered.
    [] Kill all players in a team if you touch this effect, the effect disables when touched and an X Appears in it, and it will respawn if the world has been reset or loaded.

    Purpose: Capture the Flag, Pvp

     -Do counter blocks count players that are dead?
      -> They Count the number of players there are in a world, it also counts players in a team

     -What if you place a block in a bomb hazard?
      -> The bomb explodes because it is removed and replaced by the creator

     -How strong is the Bullet Projectile?
      -> The projectile can phase through other players

     -What if you touch mud with the fireball effect?
      -> Fireball effect is removed from you, and you instantly die if you touch toxic

     -Can you enable the owner only blocks in block restrictions?
      -> Well, it's a sad no, its owner only.

     -What happens if you click a bomb?
      -> it will explode. Make traps with these things

     -Does the In-game Currency have coins that can be placed?
      -> No, you can only place effects that set, add, decrease, your coins.

     -How to enter the Sub-World?
      -> The owner can transfer to the sub world, via world options, and can use portals to transfer players there, you can set permissions if players are able to transfer to the sub world via options.

     -How huge is the sub world?
      -> it's exactly the same as your world size

     -Does the Resetting Checkpoint, Resets everything I've done?
      -> No, Its like it saves your progress and it resets to that progress when you last touched the resetting checkpoint, Someone should explain it better than me

      -If there are more Questions I've Missed, post a comment below

Extra Ideas:
  26.) No Duplicated Ideas Yets

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#2 2019-05-21 11:30:52

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

bomb and bullet are meh, but all other ideas are great! gj!



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#3 2019-05-21 12:49:53

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

The counter door has been suggested and rejected and the bullet effect (but sometimes with other projectiles) has been suggested and rejected multiple times. The darkness effect has been suggested and rejected too, but I really like that one so I hope it'd still get added for eeu one day. The rest of them are also very interesting. I don't really like the clicking effect because it could cause people to troll people all the time (which is why a map where everything is keydoors and you have to avoid the keys together is a bad idea). About the zombie effect since in eeu we don't have smileys but rather accessories like you can change your hat, eyes/glasses, mouth and maybe smiley color/shape we could maybe have it so all hats and glasses get their own look in zombie effect. The resetting checkpoint is probably one of my favourite ones with the darkness effect because this would be so nice.

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#4 2019-05-21 13:11:03

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

i like


#5 2019-05-24 08:19:51

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

Some of them feel like they can't exist in EE, kind of like Minecraft having spheres

Just saying



#6 2019-05-24 15:01:59

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

Spetsnaz wrote:

Some of them feel like they can't exist in EE, kind of like Minecraft having spheres

Just saying

But if non of them Exist in EEU, Players would lose interest in getting used to the game, such as the lack of ideas, easier things to process in building creativity, Or Attracting Players
Also, EE had its final content Update,

(Looks like I have another 25 Item list of Ideas for EEU)

I first came in somewhere in February 2012


#7 2019-05-24 20:35:11

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Re: 25 Ideas I'd Like for EEU

1. Would be useful, as this can detect when a player leaves the world.
2. Switches >>>> teams for anything like this. Otherwise, good.
3. I don't think this is necessary.
4. Sure.
5. Oh hey, you covered this. But it would be better for it to be portals instead.
6. I don't think this is necessary. There's already lag problems that would cause you to think you hit someone when you didn't.
7. Coolio.
8. Good one.
9. This is interesting. Sure, why not?
10. I feel like it would be a keybind to switch.
11. Grapple claw? Just force people to use your spider effect combined with multijump.
12. Instead of bouncing a fixed distance, it should bounce you based on input momentum.
13. It's fairly easy to make this with your counter block.
14. *gets edit* *immediately blocks off edit block*
15. I only like this because it gives an extra thing levelmakers can give as a "trigger" (switch out of hologram to do something); and cakes/diamonds would force-remove the hologram. However, this works better as a door/gate.
16. Good.
17. Useless. Unless you block everything off, people can basically troll however they want. Restricting things just forces people to beg the owner "hey place a down-facing 0 > 12 portal at 112x342" like we did in old times.
18. There would need to be an indication to the person that's killed that someone used this superkill on them. This is a unique suggestion, though I don't think it's useful.
19. Yes please
20. This is called a "World Portal". You can set your world to not appear in the lobby.
21. In EEU, they'll add a save point. You can force someone to load their save in this case.
22. The offscreen lock shouldn't be there, or it should be a toggle by the person that placed the block. I also think the scroll should be able to be set to a specific set of coordinates to allow setting the screen somewhere offscreen, or off-center.
23. Eh, why not.
24. Oh God The Lag
25. Making it one-use makes it completely useless. Make your world better to make it only usable once.

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