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#1 2019-05-14 08:35:39

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I just needed a place to vent.

For a while, I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this topic, but I really need to spill my thoughts somewhere, and I feel like this community is a place I feel close enough to spill my thoughts to.
Less that a year ago, my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer. This, of course, worried her a tremendous amount, and she talked about it to everyone she knew - her friends, her mother, my dad, etc.
Well, not everyone, actually. She never told me. Until the day before she died, I never knew she had cancer of all things. She wanted to protect me from the truth, but I'm not sure if it just made things worse for me. I could see that she was ill, very ill, but not knowing what exactly was wrong was driving me nuts. I kept asking my parents to tell me what's going on but they never did.
Now, my mother never trusted modern medicine at all, so even though all of her loved ones begged her to take chemotherapy and surgery, she refused to.
In lieu, she tried alternative medicine. Meditation, crystal therapy, weird diets, stuff along those lines. Obviously, none of them helped in any way, shape, or form. So, my mother got into contact with an 'expert on alternative medicine' who fed her even more **** treatments, with the most damaging one being a tea diet, where my mother ate absolutely nothing for two weeks, and just drank a ton of tea. My mother lost a lot of weight, to the point where she was practically skin and bones.
And the final kicker? The 'expert' that told her to do all of this random **** sent my mother a text about two months ago. It read something along the lines of "Go see a real doctor now."
What a disgustingly vile human being - exploiting people with a deadly illness to sell them stuff you know will only make their situation worse, and then ditching them to avoid any potential legal problems.
The situation started getting worse - my mother's metabolism had slowed down massively, so even when she stopped doing the tea diet, she couldn't eat anything without having to throw up soon afterwards. Her breast cancer had grown a lot as well, and a combination of these two made my mother unable to stand, or even sit straight for 10 seconds. She still insisted on not going to the hospital, so she laid on the couch 24/7.
A few days ago, she got a heart attack, and needed to be rushed into the ER. My dad told the doctors to do whatever it took - chemotherapy, surgery, anything to save her. The doctors agreed, but they told him and me that the odds of my mom surviving were slim.
As we sat in the waiting lobby, my dad finally told me the truth of everything that happened that lead up to that moment. I was an emotional mess at that point, and was shaking unstopably. After about an hour, we've talked to pretty much every doctor that came out of the ER, and we learned that they managed to get my mom to a stable heart rate and breathing pattern. A sigh of relief, but the battle is far from won.
My dad and I went home, and called as many of our friends and family over as we could. I did my best to stay positive, but deep down I had already accepted that my mother was dead. There was just no way for anyone to survive something so severe in such condition.
And the next morning, everyone's biggest fear came. My mother died in a hospital bed around 6AM.
My father was the one who was struck hardest from these news, as he was the one who spent the most amount much time with my mom, before she got diagnosed with cancer and after.
As for me, I just... Didn't feel anything at all. My mind was a literal blank at that point.
Was there something more we could have done to help her? Was there something I could have done?
I thought for a moment that my mother was stupid for not trusting modern medicine, but I couldn't blame her - healthcare in Serbia isn't all that great, because most of our best doctors left Serbia to work in countries like Germany or France. In fact, our doctors couldn't even figure out what type of breast cancer my mother had. She went for an exam three times, and all three times they gave her a different cancer.
How can she treat a disease if nobody can reliably tell which one she has? So, she turned her head towards alternative medicine, and made things worse for herself, and everyone who cares about her.
Personally, I... Don't know what to do anymore. I still feel empty, like nothing has happened at all.

If you've read everything up until now, thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I don't know how active I'll be in the game, forums, or discord from now on, because there's a lot of things I have to spend my time with, namely my dad. I'm more emotionally stable than him, and I need to help him as much as possible.

Anyway, cya guys.

How long will it take me to get banned again?
Place your bets right here.




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