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#1 2019-03-02 02:43:03

From: Obvervable Universe
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Large mechanical improvement

1. Number Boxes
I still don't understand why booleans are still used to represent numbers. Actual numbers are way beter. A block could set the number, a block could add to the number, and another could subtract it. For dloors and gates they should be comparison ones: <, >, and =. One block maybe could flip the positivity of the number, for example: 23 -> -23. There should also be a block that just shows the number.
2. Storage
What would you do to a thing you currently don't want to use rn but might use later? You put it in some storage! Why not do the same thing to unused values? That way, active variable space is saved, and you won't lose the variables' values. This alows for more variables than the maximum of each provided. Blocks in this section are: Store values, view values, and release values.
3. String Blocks
These blocks store String values. They can be copied from and copied to other String values and signs. This makes signs' text changeable without manually changing them. That saves A LOT of space. Blocks in this section are: Change String, copy from, and copy to. But what if multiple Strings are wanted to be shown on a single sign?
4. Expression Signs
Regular signs can only display one value - a String. But more values are possible to be stored on an expression sign. Expression signs can only show expressions. That means their weakness is the values they show cannot be changed. But they are still useful with the fact that they can show private values AND public values. So maybe you want to compare the best player in a round to the average? No problem! They can be set to be public and private values will be publicly shown! These signs are also useful by saving a lot of space by saving the space needed to show the player's every single possible score. With expression signs, you only need one sign and nothing else.

To Dev Team:
If you people don't want to add these, just add modding. The fourth suggestion is the most important one. I have tried to make these suggestions not just to save one or two blocks, but many. Although storage doesn't really save blocks, but it is a way to keep organization of values - it is easy to get lost in the sea of values. ~meow~
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#2 2019-03-02 04:06:33

From: Levitation Planet
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Re: Large mechanical improvement

Nice suggestions. Would like to see them in EEU tho.



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